Esoteric Empyre Legacy Esoteric Empyre creates and designs its own clothing; ranging from sacred geometry to ancient anomalies, we live to bring these things to life. Our blueprint for creation is quality; We use the finest garments we can find and we spend extensive time perfecting the design(s) themselves.
Sacred Geometry is the most ancient form of art known to man. In the temples of all the ancients, it's blueprints can be found. From the cosmos to the human body to the cells that makeup what we call creation, sacred geometry makes up the building blocks that form life as we know it. "Geometry Existed before Creation" -Plato
Grain & Grit is the woodworking division of the Empyre. Our portfolio includes Everything from fine home building to picture framing with a concentrated focus on a rustic industrial style
The memes that we create at the Empyre aim to breath fresh air into ancient ideologies and philosophies as well as help to spread wisdom that has been passed down throughout the ages.
Facebook is one of the ways we connect with YOU! Visit our page. Like us and follow us; you wont be disappointed with the content being shared. Instagram is our archive for our daily creations Youtube We create videos from scratch to document the creative process across several mediums. Laser Engraving is a recent addition to our Arsenal. We have the ability to laser engrave any design (up to 12 by 8 inches). From Jewlery to the custom gifts, this machine allows us to create in a wooden medium.
We implement the use of laser technology to cut and engrave wood and other mediums. We have the ability to create any idea(s) that you might have, or you can get one of our designs done.
Need a logo, website, or just a pamphlet designed? Our Custom branding services, along with our experienced designers, can help you bring your company to life in almost any capacity imaginable.