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Ascended Masters and Channeling pt. 1

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Ascended Masters and Channeling

Here we will speak about Ascended Masters and Channeling. An ascended master is
essentially a true teacher who has left the Earth plane, and gone on to the next plane
– a paradise where all who dwell there have achieved the same consciousness of
Unselfish Love, Light, and Oneness. Because of their release from the consciousness
limitations of the physical plane, they do have greater consciousness.
But because of their non-physical state, and their choice to leave this plane and not
reincarnate, their greater consciousness has limited applications and usefulness for
those of us here on the Earth plane. Thus, they cannot fulfill the duties of, or replace
the necessity for, a true teacher.

Early on the path, there are legitimate reasons for some of the kind of interest
you mentioned in the ascended ones. People often begin their spiritual quests with
a search for truth that brings them to many things, including information about
ascended masters. There are books about ascended masters with good and inspiring
ideas. When I was young, I was thrilled to find some of these books. But they
are only books, and can only do so much for you before you must actually do more
with your life.

It is good to emulate the example set by the lives of any true teacher, including
those who have left this plane. Such ‘masters’ and ‘saints’ have left us a history
that can help us in our own journeys. They left their footprints on the path
through the roses and thorns. But when people take the concept of ascended masters
further, and consider them to be their teachers on this physical plane, and follow
what they can only believe to be their teachings, it leaves openings for many
problems. In fact, there are serious problems with trying to follow a being that is
not in a physical body.

Some people also take spiritual advice from disincarnate ‘guides’. Others have
Gurus that they never see, never live in the presence of.
These situations are similar to having an ‘ascended’ teacher, in that none of the
guiding beings are in your physical presence on the physical plane. And unless
you are already enlightened, even truly knowing anything about the realities of
someone who is not in physical form (let alone knowing their wishes for your guidance),
is not really possible with any amount of true clarity. And true, precise clarity,
is a must in such situations as disincarnate guidance, let alone a teacher/student

Following an ascended teacher, or even one who is out of physical contact,
leaves many opportunities for self-deception. It is popular though, primarily
because it also provides the perfect rationalization for avoiding real spiritual growth.

“How does it do that?”

Because you can seem to be totally involved in spirituality, but still deceive
yourself and not face your real issues, your real blocks to separation with the One.


Because there is room for ‘self-interpretation’ because they are not before
you in the flesh, TELLING you what you need to know with words you, or other
witnesses, cannot avoid hearing with your ears, GUIDING you in such a way that
you cannot possibly fool yourself about. That’s why ‘following’ a teacher that is
not in an Earthly body is much more desirable to the selfish separate self – you don’t
have to face up to things you don’t want to, and you can interpret their alleged
teachings to suit your self. Just look at the variations of claims made about what
the bible says or what Jesus ‘meant’. Or Mohammed ‘meant’. People have burned
other people alive, in Jesus’ name – do you think he meant for them to do so?

“Of course not.”

And even if you believe you are in communication with an out of body being
such as an ascended master, you cannot be certain what you are letting yourself
‘hear’, unless you are already totally free from your selfish separate self. In fact, the
separate self would consider that a perfect ‘set up’. You think you are following a
spiritual teacher, but the separate self ‘censors’ the ‘teachings’ and remains in control.
How could it be otherwise when the separate self controls your subconscious
mind, and most everything else in your life and mind?

When you are actually in the presence of a teacher, ‘in the flesh’, your separate self
can’t get away with self deceptions.
There is no ‘guessing’, no ‘interpretation’, no lack of ‘clarity’. When
you are in the physical presence of such a One, the teacher actively penetrates and
exposes your illusions, saying the truths you need to hear right to your face, clari –
fying it if the self tries to cloud the issue, leaving no room for misinterpretation and
leaving you no room for ignoring, or hiding from, the truth. When a teacher is
physically before you, they will always clearly tell you when you are not being true
to your Inner Being – that cannot be said for an ascended master, guide or a ‘longdistance
astral’ master!

“Then why would someone prefer to follow an ascended master, instead of a
living master, other than that it is more desirable to the separate self?”

Have you not heard what I am saying? There is no valid reason for this. After
all, a true teacher is nothing but an ‘ascended master’ that has not left the body yet.

A true teacher has experienced the same ‘next step’ that an ascended master has –
death. The death experience is the final step in returning to Oneness with God,
and attaining Universal Consciousness, and that is the major transformation that is
vital. But after consciously experiencing death, living true teachers have just chosen
to return to Earth to help, instead of taking the more pleasurable route of going
on to a paradise plane with their enlightened brothers and sisters.


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