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3 Fold Intellegence of the Heart

3 Fold Intellegence of the Heart

When a person has a first glimpse.. a direct experience beyond themselves into universal consciousness, an unfolding begins to take place within them.

When we become our most natural we attain unto the spiritual and this unfolds its self as a three fold intelligence of the Heart.

Awareness, Compassion, and Detachment.


Awareness is the core attribute of the Spirit and thus, universal consciousness for “no-thing”.. – no movement takes place in the mental that Spirit is not aware of consciously or unconsciously (or subconsciously). The restriction of awareness of our lower “selves”, and perceiving from there, blinds us to our true all encompassing awareness of universal consciousness and leaves us aware of our limited scope and perception through the lens of the ego ‘I’ (separate consciousness).
When a being begins to truly awaken, a transformation takes place in the Heart. Their spectrum of awareness starts to encompass a larger field.. Degree of consciousness, and thus Oneness is revealed in degree to the unfolding and Inner urge to go beyond your “self”.

‘First your inner world then the outer world.’

You become more aware of what’s limiting you, of what you resist.. your blocks and own destructive desires and wants.. what you previously did not see.. your own shadow that which seems to be. At the same time, your true self is revealed more to you that which is one with God.. One with the One. Also, in your connection to others you will experiences this to be true.. this mental/intellectual grasping is transformed in to true understanding and a direct knowingness.

‘Each truth you learn will be for you as if it had ever been written.’

You experience Oneness with God and all of existence if only for a moment and true faith is yours ..
‘if a blind man leads a blind man they both fall into a pit.’ For a being who was blind has opened their eyes. As awareness deepens so does sensitivity, which is the Heart of Compassion.. Awareness and Compassion dance together to the will of the One.


Compassion is what blossoms with awareness when you start to ‘ Divine the material from the immaterial ‘- when you shine light on your shadow, when you loosen the attachment to what your not you naturally return to what you are. What is. You naturally return to Oneness with God. What is revealed in you is seen In others and as you merge with the One you merge with others for all Inner beings are One. As you see what your not and what was weighting you down holding you back what brings so much hurt and pain you become ‘sensitive’ to all levels of energy. You feel what they feel.

You’re aware of it in others and through the Heart.. the Power of Love.. you console them and ‘suffer with ‘ the true meaning of Compassion is to suffer with others, but as a being is resurrected to Life his pains and mental illusions of the world crumble away for he knows the battle is within and has thrust the Sword of Truth. Thus when he suffers with, he is not swept away and brought down low by the hurt pain darkness and suffering of others he feels it fully, rather he descends low with them and lightens the burden, the load and raises them up.. Vibrationally above ‘themselves’.. lightens the world around them for they innerstand humility.. And to rise himself he must serve others and he knows the taste of Divine service, craves every moment the Water of Life, to share it with all who are willing and touches the unwilling.. planting seeds.
With Awareness and Compassion comes the releasing power of detachment for to be fully engaged is to be fully detached.


When you experience Oneness with the One, universal consciousness being one with all the bonds to the ego (separate consciousness) are loosened, released. The grip that the ego had over a being weakens.. they becomes
more aligned with Spirit, as spirit, centred in spirit. They no longer are dragged about by emotions.. mental states or influences of seperate consciousness. They fall into a ‘river of detachment’ letting what comes come and lettings what goes go with ~real~ understanding. They become totally detached – so detached that they can be completely engaged and present with clarity of Heart. When you thus become detached, you see clearly how to help others detach, break free from their mental prisons. You walk with the presence of the One attached to none but closer to all that your own human breath. The impermanence is seen and the eternal reveals itself as your own nature. The illusion weakens. The children of the One arise from their slumber of the material and awaken to their spiritual self – their true nature. As you detach from ‘yourself’ your only left with the recognition and realisation of your True Self.. you regain universal consciousness thus the enemy becomes a friend. You will be aware of the most subtle movements in consciousness all vibrational tones shall you feel and understand. You will be fully present where ever you dwell, when you detach from whats binding you experience yourself as the unbound and become peace to others. You give freely of that which can not run dry.. The Water of Life. Your inner voice in action. The 3-fold intelligence of the Heart.
Awareness Compassion Detachment.

These three are one.

They manifest as one and pour from the Heart of the One returning to the One.
It is awakened through selflessness, application of knowledge, practice, perseverance
and the force which binds all and nothing.. When your Self Aware even chaos trembles in its embrace.

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