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A True Teacher

A True Teacher

The ancient texts are clear and consistent. “Find thyself a teacher.” This is an old and time-proven growth method in many good spiritual traditions around the world. It is even still to be found in the Talmud (with somewhat different meaning and application these days). So what is a teacher? It can mean many things.
Let me start by saying there is a big difference between what we call a true teacher, and other things or people that seem to be teachers. What I mean, is that there are lots of teacher, Guru, or preacher types that want “followers” – they want prestige, praise, worship, money, or a mix. Some want you to praise or worship someone or something else, while they ride the coat-tails as being a “representative” of what you’re supposed to be worshipping or praising. Some want it directly themselves. But a “true teacher”, doesn’t want any of those things. He teaches with his life primarily, and kindles you through his Unselfish Love. He will accept good students, to teach them how to change. He will teach philosophies or techniques to help you change, and is a facilitator of change that a student can use like a tool. But he wants no blind or mindless “followers”, no worship, no praise.

Anyone who does, is not what we will refer to here as a true teacher. In our particular tradition, a true teacher must be “enlightened” (having experienced the death of the selfish separate self, and lives in total harmony, oneness with the Universal Spirit, and is a servant of Universal Spirit, and vehicle for its Universal Will). Elders can also be teachers, but it isn’t quite the same as the “true teacher”. The words used to describe such a being, and the practices of other traditions, obviously vary, but the end result should be the same. Which we will detail in a moment.

First, a word about worship. Worship is a very “noble” appearing way the selfish self uses to avoid personal responsibility, change, surrender, and its own separate self demise. People take all the best qualities and ideals, and personalize them into someone to worship, rather than becoming that themselves. They “idol-ize” rather than “ideal-ize”. There is a big difference [there’s more info about ideals and using ideals in another chapter]. Idealizing just sets a standard of change for you to “shoot for”. The self prefers idolizing and worshipping, because that way it avoids the hard work and self-sacrifice required by surrendering to God, and serving God.
Speaking of which…

Many people don’t like the idea of having a “spiritual teacher” or “Guru” type person in their life. I know I didn’t. Often this is for a good reason – there are MANY charlatans out there. But there are some saints too. And the real reason most people don’t want a teacher is because their selfish separate self knows it is
the beginning of the end of its control, and life.
And as far as charlatans, what you get, or get exposed to personally, mainly depends on you, and what your motives are. If you just want to “mess around” or “seem spiritual” or think you are spiritual, then you’ll end up worshipping a charlatan.
But if you really want help to become truly spiritual – kind, caring, harmless, giving – then you’ll find the real thing, and use their example as an ideal.

Many people are taking courses, going to seminars, classes and channels, that are conducted by charlatans, and they’re perfectly fine with it. It’s the real thing most people are afraid of. Essentially, you get what’s coming to you – you get what you deserve – or to put it more accurately, you get what you are really after inside.
Whether you know it or not.

Some people think they can get everything they need themselves, from books, seminars, and life. That may be true. It may not be true. Or it just might be a matter of speed, or beating the “odds”. Everyone needs a true teacher at somebpoint in their spiritual path, to help them see beyond them’selves’, and get beyond them’selves’ – because the selfish separate self is you until you’re enlightened. So it knows your every move before you take it, and it will outwit you at every attempt to transcend it, if all you have is your separate self to rely on for your spiritual growth.

Everyone also has all kinds of excuses why they don’t want a teacher, or need one. And of course, they can use legitimate, and ‘reasonable’ excuses, because there are many false teachers, which provides the right ‘rationalization’ to their self’s ‘feelings’ of avoidance. But the real reason most people don’t like the idea of having a teacher has nothing to do with whether the alleged ‘teacher’ is a legitimate enlightened being, or a charlatan – in fact, most people prefer charlatans because they are no real threat to the selfish separate self.

The Candle
Lights A Candle
Thus does The Student
Receive The Light
From The Teacher
A True Teacher
Must First Be A Good Student
The Best Student
Is the Most Humble

He Who Would Be First
Will Be Last

Nature Abhors a Vacuum
The Mountain Is Gradually Worn Down
To Fill The Valley
Thus the Humble and Lowly
Are Raised Unto the Heavens

Knowledge Without Humility and Self-Sacrifice,
is Meaningless. And can be Harmful.

A Student Without Humility
Is Like a Full Cup
Only a Clear Mirror Reflects Yourself True.
Thus Through the Eyes of a True Teacher
Can One See The Deceptions
of The Selfish Separate Self

is The True Teacher
The Tool That Can Free You
From The Illusions Your Self has Created

Hear Me O Man.
Chains You Have Forged
That Bind You to Darkness of Night
In Servitude You Cry
For The Dark Lords are Your Master
To Serve Them No Longer
Reach Out in the Night
Call For Your Brothers
That Serve Only Light
A Hand Will Appear
Piercing the Darkness
Strange Love That Comes From the Light
Grasp on With Both Hands
And Clutch With All Might
Ripped from Darkness
In Pain Your Dark Self Screams
Let Not Thy Cup Fall Then
And Death Will Come Soon
Releasing and Revealing
The True Inner You
In Light Will You Awaken
To Find You Are Whole
In Love And In Freedom
You Find The Goal

Life is a Teacher
But the Hardest Teacher
And the Longest School.
To Learn from The experiences of Others
Is a great skill indeed.
To Learn from the True Teacher
Is The Path Chosen by the Wise.
All True Paths
Eventually Lead to The True Teacher.
One Can Go no further Until
They Confront the Great Beast
And Unveil Its Deceptions.

The True Teacher
Is One With Universal Will
One With the Universal Consciousness
And the Servant of All

The True Teacher
Radiates His Consciousness
Just By Being.
Those in His Presence Are Affected by The Light
Even When He Speaks Not.
His Light Evokes Fear and Anger in the Selfish
Who Live in the Darkness of Deceit,
But Nurtures and Inspires the Gentle, the Kind,
and the Spiritually Hungry.

The True Teacher
Is Your Inner Being Standing Before You.
If You Are Receptive To Your Inner Being
You Are Receptive to The True Teacher.
If You Try to Avoid Your Inner Being
You Will Try to Avoid The True Teacher.

He Who Listens to a True Teacher
Hears His Own Inner Voice
He Who Manifests His Own Inner Voice
Is a True Teacher

Now I Am The Teacher
Now You Are The Student
I Give You My Hand
And Take You Home Again.
The Wheel of Life Turns
Now You Are The Teacher
Now I Am The Student
You Give Me Your Hand
And Take Me Home Again.
So Goes The Cycle of Life
For Children Who Live The Law of One
For Brother Sun and Sister Moon
Who In Harmony with Universal Will, Serve All

Let Go
And Let God.

The Self Always Has Good Reason
To Be Negative.
There is NO Reason
Good Enough To Stop Loving.

All Inner Beings Are One

Let No Being Possess You
In Body, Mind or Soul

Heed Not to Spirits.
Guide You Would They, Out of Place.
Come From The Dark Do These Spirits.
In Harmony Not With Universal Flow,
Know They Not Oneness With The All.

The Children of One Light
Live Among Men.
Your Spiritual Self Are They.
Your Spiritual Self, Show You They,
To Be One With All
One With The Light

True Teachers, Masters of Self
Gone from This Earth
Commune Not with the Living
Guide they Not in Voice or Possession.
Deceptive Spirits Come in Guises
To Mislead and Misteach
Those who would Have them

Guidance Seek Ye Only From Masters in Flesh.
All True Teachers Be One With the All.
As You Be in Flesh, You Need Guidance in Flesh,
To Disallow Dark Deceptions the Self does Befool.
Urge You do they All, to Listen Closely and Only
To the Still Silent Voice of Your True Inner Self,
Find it Within, And Find it Without,
Your Inner Voice Reflected,
The True Teacher, in Flesh.


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