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Ark of the Covenant – A ‘Tale’ of Egypt…

‘Ark of the Covenant’

You have probably heard many things about the bible’s legendary ‘Ark of the Covenant’. If you know about electronic components, (which I did since I was a 5 year old little genius electronics freak) and you read even the worldly bible’s description of the Ark, (which I hadn’t) you will realize that this was a giant electric ‘capacitor’.
A capacitor is a device, usually found in an electronic circuit, that stores up electricity to a certain level, then releases it in a burst. This is why the Ark had the reputation that if you touched it or got too close to it you would get zapped by a lightning bolt from God. The size of the Ark as a capacitor, held a charge big enough to make a bolt that would easily kill anyone who got near it – and would kill many people.

“When I was a child I opened the back of our TV. There was a label on one area that said ‘Warning! High Voltage! Do not Touch!’ To me it was an invitation.
So what did I do? I touched it, and I got a shock that sent me flying across the room and slammed into a wall! I later found out it was a capacitor. And it was only about the size of a salt shaker. So I can imagine what a huge thing like the Ark would put out – they probably should have called it the ‘Arc’ instead – you know, like an electric arc?”

Yes… anyway… only David, in his humility, was able to touch the Ark without being killed.


Because of his advanced spiritual development, his energy centers, his chakras, were prepared to deal with such power, and the frequency of the electricity.
And of course, with the guidance of the hierarchy, and his destiny, the raw power was transformed and channeled in such a way that it only made for a Kundalini experience, a communing with God, and instead of being killed, he came out of it wiser and more powerful.

“But you said the Ark was a power device in Egypt in the Great Pyramid, why did David have it and what was he doing with it?”

It was once the power storage device inside the Great Pyramid, yes. And I will get to that in a moment. But first understand what we started to discuss.
The Pyramid had a layered capstone of copper and custom created quartz crystal from Atlantis. The Pyramid would collect energy from the Earth’s bio-field, and focus it in the Ark. The Ark would release regular bursts of a specific frequency of electrical energy that would be transmuted and transmitted from the crystal capstone. All the Children’s buildings and vehicles had receiver crystals tuned to the Pyramid, and would pick up and change the energy back into usable power.

Now as for your question about how David came into possession of it. Read the texts to get the entire story. But basically, during what they called the Exodus – when Moses freed the Jews in Egypt, the Jews went on a sort of freedom celebration rampage as they left, and took all kinds of Egyptian treasures, taking everything they could on their way out of town. This, which has been omitted greatly in the world’s modern bible, was one of the primary things which incited the Pharaoh to pursue them. And one of the things they took from Egypt, from the Great Pyramid, was…

“The Ark!”

Yes. Then of course, over time, knowledge of its original use was lost, they did not understand its power, and attributed it to a power of God, which was quite logical to them. It would strike people down who got near or touched it, and this was easily interpreted by some that it must be some sort of temple God lived in, and only the holiest of people were allowed to get so close to God. And in it, they eventually put the pieces of the commandments Moses brought them, that he smashed in his righteous indignation and despair over their unconsciousness and selfishness.


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