Astrology Reading – Lunar Update 18th May

Lunar Updates by
Alaine Simone

Full Moon in Scorpio at 27°39′
7:11am AEst/22:11pm Gmt/17:11pm Est

The Full Moon in Scorpio will become exact on Sunday morning at 7.11am Melbourne time. Scorpio is the sign of intensity and this Full Moon is sure to have plenty of intensity on offer. Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto is currently conjunct Saturn and is moving retrograde. Saturn is the planet of control and Pluto is the planet of power. With both of these planets moving retrograde, there is collectively a big shift that is happening to old top down power structures. The patriarchy is falling, but first the shift must happen within ourselves. When a planet is retrograde, its lessons are directed into the internal world. Where does your power and control lie? Saturn and Pluto will be trining the Sun at the time of the Full Moon, offering a window of clarity on this subject.

Scorpio Full Moon asks you to check in with if you have been brooding in the negative? Have you been vengeful, toxic, jealous or suspicious lately? Rather then condemning yourself for feeling these shadowy emotions come up, feel into what lessons they have to offer you. Where we are triggered, sheds light on areas that we still hold conditioning and attachment.

Venus is currently conjunct Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus. This could be a challenging time for those of you in committed or monogamous relationships. Venus in Taurus wants to settle down and create comfort with a loved one but Uranus wants to break free. This could be felt as contradicting emotions within a relationship, of wanting to break free but wanting to hold onto what is known and comfortable. For those who are single, this could be felt as a comfortability in solitude and freedom. Scorpio is the second of the water signs and tells the story of emotional and energetic connections between people. Anything that has been hiding in the darkness will want to come up to the surface to show its truth. The nature of this truth is to break old structures that don’t hold integrity or validity anymore. This will cause a death of some sort within the self, to make space for rebirth.

Lilith in Pisces and Mars in Gemini will be sextiling Venus and Uranus at the same time as their conjunction. This is adding a whole bunch of sexual energy, fire and desire to the mix. This energy could certainly be felt as reckless and hedonistic. Scorpio Full Moon wants to ask you if you are having the right amount and kind of sex to leave you feeling fulfilled. (Perhaps you are someone who is naturally not sexual and that is totally ok too!)

Check in with where your power lies. I keep saying this and this will be a theme for the next two years. Those of you who have been consciously unpacking your power, will feel me when I say, the more layers your peel back, the more layers that you find. Its one thing to have awareness of the power hooks that other people have on us or vice versa, but its another thing to put your foot down and make a change to what is no longer serving you. Astrology is here to give you awareness but it is up to you to choose the action towards your highest good.

At the same time as the Full Moon, Mercury will be conjuncting the Sun in Taurus and opposing the Moon in Scorpio. This may offer us a pillar of logic and rational amoungst all of this watery emotion that is flowing through. Mercury is acting like an anchor and allowing us to think things through, think about where we stand within ourselves, before we get swept away by the emotion.

This article, contains information that is for the general collective. It is an energy reading, interpreted by the planets. To find out how the Full Moon will affect you, personally, find where 27°39′ of Scorpio falls in your chart. This will give you an insight into what area of your life is in reaction with the universe. If you don’t know how to locate this aspect in your chart or want to learn more about chart readings, please contact me!

Love and blessings to you all. Thank you for your support, you help make my dreams a reality 🙂

Big Love.
Alaine Simone

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