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What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the interactions and movements of the celestial bodies and how they effect our lives on Earth, individually and collectively. In tune with the theory that the universe is built on mathematical patterns, astrology is a mathematical language that allows us to see how the movement of the planets connects our human experiences, to the grander experience of the universe. The macrocosm meets the microcosm, this ancient language reads how we are all tied into the cycles of nature together.

‘As above, so below – As within, so without.’

Evolutionary Astrology

There are many different ways to use astrology.

Evolutionary Astrology works on the concept of reincarnation. Using the nodal points we are able to explore where the soul has been in past lives, what skills you have brought through to this life and what is your comfort zone, that will no longer serve you in this life? The nodal axis will also tell us what is brand new to the soul and where it needs to evolve to grow within this lifetime.

Drawing on her knowledge and understanding of Astrology, Buddhism, Yoga, Karma and the Chakra system, Alaine’s consultations are delivered in the evolutionary style.

Alaine Simone is a Melbourne based Astrologer, Yoga teacher, energy worker and creative. Since a young age, Alaine has had curiosity for philosophy, spirituality, nature and the human experience. Astrology has become an invaluable tool for deep knowing and understanding, of the patterns within nature and life. Astrology is the language of connection between all things.

Astrology Readings

Astrology Consultations

About Alaine Simone

Alaine Simone

Alaine completed her Yoga teacher training in India and incorporates her knowledge and understanding of Yoga, Buddhism, chakras and karma into her readings and teachings. She is considered an evolutionary astrologer and her teachings of yoga are deeply rooted in traditional Hatha.

Alaine offers personalised astrology consultations, which include natal chart readings, transit chart readings and relationship readings. Alaine offers consultations over Zoom video calling and can be booked from anywhere in the world.

For a full list of services and prices check out her website and socials.

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