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Cosmic Maid Service – Time’s a Wastin

Cosmic Maid Service – Time’s a Wastin

There are many people out there, who are under the delusion that they are going to be saved from facing the trials that are coming up for us all. And they think that they don’t need to do anything – except perhaps, talk about it, or ‘believe’ in this or that.
Some think Jesus will save them, without them becoming really good people, justbecause they believe in Jesus. Some think aliens will save them, some think they’ll go to ‘the 4th dimension’. The biggest “hole” I see with these hopeful, ‘wishful thinking” scenarios, is the lack of personal responsibility that they allow for. Some believe that ONLY whatever they think, or believe, or ‘accept’, will totally create their reality. So they think that if they don’t ‘give energy to’ Earth changes or the coming chaos and destructions, they will not be subject to them, because they did not create them for themselves – so they won’t have to experience them. But they take this precept to the extreme – and this precept is only half of a paradox – only partially true. When you meet one of those, tell those who believe that way, that if you really don’t believe you can be harmed, by Earth changes, or anything else that you don’t ‘allow in your consciousness’ or ‘draw to yourselves’, here is a simple test of how well it works, or how up to the challenge you are.

Try this why don’t you – believe you can’t have a car accident, (otherwise you’ll ‘attract one to yourself’ if you believe you can have car accidents), then once you get that in your head, I dare you to try driving through red lights all the time. (I’m not really recommending or inciting people to do this – I’m trying to make a point with a very real scenario).

The fact is, if you drive through intersections against red lights constantly, you ARE going to suffer the consequences -whether you BELIEVE someone will save you from an accident or not. Don’t believe me? See what happens if you are foolish enough to try it. And why wouldn’t you try it – because you know there is likely to be a car coming through the other way – even if you’ve never seen it, even if you can’t see it. The changes that have happened to the Earth, and are coming back to us from what has been done, is just as certain as traffic coming the other way. We are talking about reality here. And Universal Reality. Our species has been running the red lights of nature. They have run the big red lights and broken Universal Law. You personally have probably done so also, unless you are already enlightened. Most of the people of the world have run the big red lights. And there simply is NO way of escaping the consequences of breaking Universal Law. Unlike on Earth, with man-made laws, there is ultimate justice in this Universe. That is Karma.

“why do so many people believe they will be saved from all these things at the last minute.”

“Despite a lack of logic regarding there being any substance to the various fantastic theories of unearned salvation, and a preponderance of evidence that we are facing REAL ecological and socio-political disaster, the illogical salvation theories are what many people desperately want to hear and believe – so they believe. They buy into this mental/emotional panacea, this religious ‘fire insurance’.”

“Why? Why do they close their eyes when opening them is their best chance to get through whatever happens?”

“Simple. Fear and laziness. The selfish separate self (ego)  doesn’t want to die and let the Inner Being take its place on the throne, nor does it want to face its Karma, or the reality of the Karma created by what has been done to the entire Earth. So they exhibit the ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ – they hide their heads and think they’re safe.
They do this because they’re so full of fear that they don’t think objectively or logically, thus they are more than happy to accept these unfounded theories of ‘Salvation without need for personal purification, enlightenment, or responsibility’.

Just think for a moment, why would we deserve such unjustified salvation? Do you really believe the Universe works that way? Do you not think there are Universal Laws that govern the functioning of all things? Do you think you can break those laws and nothing will happen? What alien or higher being, who really is a higher being, is going to save parasites that are so destructive, so disharmonious to nature and Universal flow?


That’s what ALL unenlightened humans are – destructive, inharmonious parasites. Or like a virus, or bacterial infection in the body of the Earth. So what if the destructive parasites are ordinary, relatively nice people with ‘good’ beliefs, even the metaphysical beliefs or religious beliefs such as many religions have? Do you know what the Universe’s response to that is? ‘SO WHAT.’ If there is going to be ANY outside help, from the predicted return of the Christ, to the space brothers, to whatever, the logic is that they are only going to save those who are TRULY different than the rest – truly worthy of saving. Meditation is not going to do it for you. And just having a lot of metaphysical knowledge, or religious beliefs, certainly doesn’t make you worth saving. Neither does being a relatively good person. If that’s what you think, you’ll have a BIG and unnecessary shock when the changes come to your door, and you stare death in the face, only to realize you aren’t ready, when you could’ve been!

He was getting very intense, and a crowd of other students had gathered around by this time. He looked around at them all, and pointed. But he was also pointing and speaking to all humanity.

How many of you can say you are truly giving, that you care about others MORE THAN YOURSELF, that you love Unselfishly all the time, and that you have truly and completely transcended your selfish separate self and your physical body and mind? Not many. And if you haven’t CHANGED in that way, you’d better get busy, and you’d better make it your TOP priority. Drop everything else you are doing in your life AND GET BUSY with what is really important and eternal – before it’s too late. Be brave, and take a completely honest look within yourself.
Are you truly good enough to live in a perfect paradisiacal world? Look for, and see the things about you that still need perfecting. Be glad when you find the imperfections! It means you’ve seen them early enough to do something about them! Face the things you have been avoiding. Do the things that inside you know you must do. Change for the better, so that you CAN save yourself, so you CAN be saved, so you CAN go on to a wonderful place – whether it be on a physical plane or a spiritual one. And if you think you have truly changed and transcended yourself, consider this: those who achieve the death of the selfish separate self, and thusly attain enlightenment/Universal Consciousness, either leave this plane, or stay to be a true teacher, and help others achieve the same. When you meet those who only have knowledge, and only tell of wisdoms and truths by moving their lips, and talking about it, or worse, telling people they don’t need to do anything but ‘think positive’ or ‘believe in Jesus’, or just believe in anyone or anything, you tell them this: You will not be saved, nor can you be helping other people be saved – i.e., helping them become truly loving and enlightened, while just disseminating theories of ‘Don’t worry; Just go with the flow and don’t bust your buns changing to be an Unselfishly Loving person; Just have positive thoughts and faith and you’ll be taken to paradise in the ‘rapture’, or the ‘4th dimension’, or to a ‘wonderful new planet you can trash again’; or, ‘Don’t worry, the space brothers will fix all the toxic waste and neutralize the bombs.’ Surprise, surprise! You must act. You must change.!!!!!! YOU MUST LIVE AS THE MASTER TAUGHT US THROUGH HIS EXAMPLES ON EARTH!”

All of us were so moved, and stunned, that we were silent for at least five minutes.

Years later, a musician named Neil Young wrote a post apocalypse song called “After the Gold Rush” (referring to the ‘gold rush’ of a nuke explosion, not the romantic gold mining days of the old west). It was based on visions. Here are excerpts from some of the lyrics:

“I was lying in a burned out basement, with the full moon in my eyes”

“I was thinkin’ about what a friend had said – I was hopin’ it was a lie.”

“There were children cryin’, and colors flyin’ all around the chosen ones.”

“All in a dream, the loading had begun. Flyin’ mother nature’s silver seed, to a new home in the Sun.”

Are you one of the silver seed? Or will you be watching the deserving “chosen ones”, the silver seeds, leave you behind as you recite your beliefs, clutch whatever the holy book of your religion is, or your book the Pleiades, while you wonder why you aren’t going too?



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