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In the state of rest (sleep) the body receives maintenance from certain mental
and spiritual functions. Our awareness turns from the external environments to the
internal (sub-conscious), and we may become aware of the spiritual influences
through the internal (dreams) just as we are conscious of the external in it’s “waking”

Many dreams are opportunities, lessons, and experiences that are presented
by your Inner Being. These are often of the nature of a “preview” of experiences
to be dealt with, or of presently existing circumstances that should be seen as
lessons and a means of growth. These dreams are important, and should be dealt
with accordingly. However, not all dreams are of that type.
Some dreams can be of a psychic or precognitive vision, out-of-body experi –
ence, intuitive problem solving, etc..

Physical illness or disturbances, or mental disturbances in either the conscious
or sub-conscious realms, can affect or even create and dominate dream experi –
ences. These are the only dreams that should be ignored.

Due to lack of coordination with the threefold nature that most people have,
many people are not aware of their dream experiences, thus the great benefits from
them are lost. We can turn this around however, and use our dreams to help us.

Integrating our fragmented consciousness, and getting full benefits from
dreams can be facilitated in several ways:

1- Extending the waking consciousness into the dream.
This is accomplished through becoming aware that you are active and functional
in a dream while dreaming. You may use a key symbol to trigger recognition of
awareness within a dream.
For example, Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda to look at his hands in a
dream. Doing this triggered conscious dreaming. A light would be an excellent
choice for a symbol if you use one, as you will see if you contemplate it.

2- Extending a dream into waking consciousness. This method (which
also aids in the development of the first method) is done by recording your dreams
every morning. Keep a pen and notebook near your bed, and as soon as you begin
to leave your dream state and enter the “waking” state, write down whatever you
can remember of the dream, even if it is only a fragment, a word, or a feeling.
Don’t wait until you’re awake – do it when you first notice you are leaving the
dream state. The more you do this, the easier it will become to remember your
dreams, and remember them fully. Before you know it you will be filling pages at
a time.

3- Daily reviewing of your dreams. Dream symbology varies among indi –
viduals. The best way to understand the meaning of your dreams is to take in the
whole picture intuitively. Don’t rack your mind trying to figure out details and such.
The meaning of your dreams will become more clear to you as you study them.
With time, experience, and openness, what you need to know will be revealed to

4- The following affirmation aids all the previously mentioned methods;
“I remember my dreams and am conscious of them while dreaming.” This should be
repeated silently to yourself as you are going to sleep.

Remember to keep in mind all the different causes that can manifest in a
dream other than a lesson or psychic experience so you won’t be trying to read-in
something profound when it is nothing but an upset stomach predominating the


We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions. – Carl Jung

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