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Free Will and the Mind

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Mind is the Construction Worker of our Lives

As I’m sure those of you here have all heard before, our being has two-fold and three-fold properties. One of these is that we are a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects, with the mental realm being dominated by a brain that is divided into two very different, and often opposing, ways of looking at things. The mental realm is influenced by the other two aspects of our threefold nature – the physical realm on one side, and the spiritual on the other – and the mental is sandwiched in between. On the physical side of the mental realm we have what the teachings call the self-body-mind. The Self-body-mind only grasps things intellectually in a non-abstract, separate, logical, literal, divided, polarized manner.
Essentially, to the self-body-mind, everything is clearly categorized into two separate divisions – things are either yes or no, + or -, black or white, etc. [Author’s note: very much like a modern computer]. And on the spiritual side of the mental realm we have the Oneness-integration-mind which grasps things intuitively, as a whole, allowing us to understand abstract things. Our ‘will’ functions between the two, like a pilot, or captain of a ship, and allows us to act, or think, in any direction, and utilize either aspect of the mental realm, or both. Free will is our birthright; it is an inheritance – offspring of the Father (Infinite) and the Mother (Finite).

Thoughts are the very building blocks of physical experience. Please contemplate in fullness the outstanding profundity of this concept: EVERYTHING THAT HUMANS HAVE DONE OR CREATED, CAME FROM THE MENTAL REALM FIRST. Every thing you can think of! Try to think of even one thing, that wasn’t first thought of before it came into existence. A building? First someone had to conceive of the idea of a building, then someone had to want a building, then they had to figure out the details of how it would be, then the details of how it would be constructed. Every single thing that you can think of that is not from nature, was first initiated in the mind. Don’t take this lightly. You must realize it, not just intellectually grasp it. When you think about it, it is really like magic.
Someone just thought of a building, and in relatively very little time really, it was there. It is magic, just a slower reacting form, because it is dealing with a slower vibration realm. You must realize that also.
ALSO REALIZE THEN, THAT ANYTHING YOU DWELL ON WITH YOUR THOUGHTS, WILL BECOME PHYSICAL REALITY. Thinking about something first gives it birth. Then thinking of it again, is nurturing it. It is part of the process of bringing any thought or idea to fruition. First you plant the mental seed. Then if you water it (by thinking about it from time to time), it will grow. If you don’t tend your plant, it will die. This works in our favor, and against us, depending on what our plant is, and if we discipline our mind.

If you have negative seeds, such as those planted by negative thoughts/emotions such as jealousy, the separate self will use your programming and emotions to constantly turn your thoughts to those seeds. This will provide constant nurturing.
Thus it will bring to bear negative fruits. What can you do to stop negative seeds or plants from thriving within you? You can only “starve” them out by using your will to discipline yourself and control your thoughts – redirecting your thoughts towards the positive, every time a negative thought rises.
Unfortunately, when you are growing positive fruits, you do not have the advantage the negative side has.

“What do you mean by advantage?

I was just getting to that. The negative side has the advantage of the selfish separate self using programming and strong emotions such as jealousy. This literally ‘grabs’ your attention and thoughts, urging you to tend the negative seeds. It also has ‘habit’ on its side, with programming that unconsciously and automatically thinks, acts, and dwells, negatively. To get positive seeds to grow, you must first overcome the negative emotions, programming, etc., plus you need to work to create new habits, new programming. When you are planting positive seeds of virtue, such as becoming a more compassionate person, those too will come to fruition – but only if you discipline yourself to mentally tend your plants regularly.
Remember, you are having to do this, not only without benefit of already having positive programming, but rather, having to re-program against negative programming. So, often times, making positive mental progress is far more arduous than just sitting back with the status quo, doing nothing, and letting the negative side ‘run with the ball’. You must really take control of your ‘reigns’ in order to change positively.

Certainly it is hard. But just because it is hard is no reason to give up or not do it. And it can be made easier, with the right training of thought patterns. It is a matter of developing a simple habit – rather than constantly engaging in a struggle. In fact, you must not engage in a struggle, which I will explain in a moment. If you use your will to discipline yourself and control your thoughts, you can re-direct your thoughts whenever your programming or emotions grab them from you to nurture negative seeds. If you stop watering and tending your negative plants they will eventually die. That’s all there is to it. But you cannot directly fight evil, or negative thoughts and feelings. You will lose to it because the very nature of the fighting involves directing your thought energy towards the thing you are fighting. Your thought energy then feeds it, sustains it, even as you seemingly ‘fight’ it. The only way to win is to starve out the negative – by not thinking negative thoughts, or even thinking about it at all – and by making progress in the positive. Because when the positive grows, it takes up all the space, and doesn’t let the negative take root or grow. Just like maximized food gardening, if you plant the right groups of good plants, and you keep them healthy, the negative plants won’t grow. A person who is filled with Unselfish Love, does not have selfish thoughts to fight against. There is simply no room for them to exist, and no soil for them to take root in. In such a manner does the mind ‘grow’ or ‘build’ all things in life.



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