Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24°02′ 16th July 2019

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24°02′

7:38am Aust Est

Lunar Updates by
Alaine Simone

At 7:38am on the 17th, Melbourne time and 10:38pm on the 16th, London time, we will see the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. This will happen at 24°02′ of Capricorn. Take a look at your chart to find, in what house and what area of life this will be effecting you the most. If you don’t know how to do this click here.

Eclipse season is upon us and it is a powerful month of transformation we have indeed. The start of the month saw us move through a Total Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Cancer. Solar Eclipses are like Super New Moons. Very potent times for us to be starting a new cycle. The energy of an eclipse does not allow us to wallow in the past but redirects us with force, onto the right path. A Lunar Eclipse, what is upon us, is like a Super Full Moon and this denotes a time of intense shedding and releasing.

At the time of the Full Moon/Eclipse, there is a see-saw that is happening in the sky, on the axis of Capricorn and Cancer. Pluto, Saturn and the Moon will be conjuncting (in the same place as) the south node in Capricorn. The Sun and Venus will be conjuncting the north node. The Full Moon/Eclipse falls at 24° of Capricorn. Mercury will be going stationary direct on the 2nd of August at 24° Cancer. Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs and this is a significant occurrence. I would again encourage to look at your chart and see in what houses and areas of life this is happening for you. With Venus conjuncting the north node, the message here is love is the key. “No matter the question, love is the answer”.

Collectively we are moving through this massive shift of old power structures that are shifting and breaking to birth new systems. This is happening on the world stage and can be seen in governments across the world but it is to be remembered, that humanity move through these waves together. What effects us globally, effects us individually. I can say for myself that on a personal level, the way I interact with power in my life has been highlighted. Over the last 6 months I have really been able to see where I am giving away power and how I am taking power in unclean ways. These behaviours within myself were unconscious. But what was once unconscious, then becomes conscious and cannot become unconscious again. This now gives the spark of free-will that we are, the choice of action. Choose to remain stagnant or choose evolution.

With Mercury retrograding through Leo, the last few weeks has been a focus on how we express ourselves. I have been sitting back giggling to myself, observing myself and the people around me expressing and receiving feedback on that expression. I’ve had a few “ouch” moments, where someone’s feedback hurts my ego and I know that indicates some form of truth! What was once unconscious, has become conscious and we can readjust the way that we express to be better heard, understood and more effectively received. Be cautious of attaching to the ego hit and reacting or becoming defensive. Mercury and Mars midpoint in Leo is squaring Uranus, so outbursts of angry or aggressive expression are a potential right now. Take a breath before you speak. A wise man once said that, one conscious breath can save your life.

Mercury will be backtracking into Cancer again on the 19th of July and we will be reviewing our emotional communication. Again, remain open to the feedback the universe gives you. Mercury retrogrades are wonderful times for us to refine our communication styles!

** When I say “the feedback the universe gives you”, I want you to perceive that reality is simulation that you are within. The idea is not to separate yourself from it. It is you and you are it. People and events act as a feedback system to your action. Leaning on the concept that everyone is a mirror to you. Your reality that you personally perceive is a mirror to your inner world. You are the mirror. What is it telling you, about you?

We currently have 5 planets in retrograde. Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Retrogrades mean that we are moving back over things. Checking over our work and smoothing out the kinks. We move back over lessons to deeply integrate the details of how we can best move forward. Each of these planets will be moving through a different house for you, which effects you personally. Transit Astrology will be able to shed light on where these energies are concentrated.

A Capricorn Full Moon/Eclipse is asking us to check in with how ambitious we have been. Have you been obsessed with work to the detriment of your personal life or are there beliefs and limitations that you are putting on yourself that are blocking you from ambitiously moving towards your goals? Are you being too hard on yourself or others? Have you been planning your life enough or not enough? Are you allowing your head to overrule your heart? The Sun and Venus are conjuncting the North Node. The message is release the need for control of others. Love is the key. 

Tonight is the night to get your burn on. Write any letters to anyone you need to let go of and burn it in the fire. Release it from your being and back into the infinite cosmos. Make a list of limiting behaviours that you are doing to yourself that are holding you back. Burn them in the fire and release them from your being. Close your eyes and actually visualise and imagine these beliefs and energies leaving your aura and burning into the flame. Put your crystals out into the Moon light.

Full Moon rituals need to be performed before the peak.

Happy Eclipse season darlings,
Alaine Simone

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