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Getting Down to Work – Walk your Path Don’t lose Focus

Getting Down to Work – Don’t lose Focus

Few have experienced enough, or learned enough from their lessons in life to listen to the real truth about the separate self. The light of truth is a threat to the darkness/illusions/deceptions created by the self-body-mind. And there are many deceptions and detours along the way (or stepping stones depending on how you deal with them). I could say, “The path is merely chanting a special word for five minutes a day, and by doing this you will be able to see auras, have out-of-body experiences, read minds, etc. Just send a check or money order for $200 and we’ll give you your own magic word right away!” But that isn’t true, isn’t real, and wouldn’treally give someone all they need for spiritual growth/enlightenment/ becoming one with God. But it would be popular and probably make someone a lot of money. Those who offer something to the selfish desires of people are very popular. There are many “personal growth” and “spiritual growth” methods being offered, that don’t threaten the separate selfish self. The most popular religions are the ones that allow the most selfishness, and place the least self-sacrificing demands on the person, or are the least threatening to the separate self. Here’s a little secret for measuring how “real” a particular spiritual tradition or growth method is – just look at how popular it is, or unpopular it is. It is not a hard and fast rule, but generally, the smaller, or more unpopular the path is, the more it threatens the separate self, and thus the more real truth and growth potential it offers. “Enlightenment” is not easy, and not something that can be bought and sold, it takes constant conscious effort and application in all aspects of life.

‘You mentioned ‘real’ spiritual paths, which seems to intimate that there are false ones, but you didn’t seem to really say it in that context.’

OK. There are definitely purely false spiritual paths, but even some of those offer something real. Then there are other paths that are ‘semi-false’, in that they are not the person’s ultimate true path. These may be just a temporary, yet important, part of a person’s entire spiritual path, or they may become a ‘trap’, depending on the individual’s level of consciousness, sincerity, or choices. Some traditions, paths or methods are ‘traps’, ‘side trips’, ‘excursions’ off the seeker’s real path, that a seeker can get caught up in. Nevertheless, people can move on through these experiences as part of their path – as I said earlier, like stepping stones along the way. Some people will go right on through such ‘traps’,on to a more truly spiritual path, if they have the proper, unselfish spiritual attitude. It all is depending on the individual’s ideals and applications within such circumstances.

Then there are those who set-up their own traps, and are attracted to, and attracted by, false spiritual paths. For instance, if you are only interested in appearing to be ‘spiritual’, or just interested in spiritual ‘trappings’, like auras, psychic powers, channeling and such, then what we are saying here will not be of much interest you. But there are plenty of things out there that will. And plenty of organizations and people who will take your money and your life. That is not to say that auras, etc. are false. Of course these things exist, but they are minor parts of the more important whole, and they should be side-effects, out-growths of an unselfish spiritual life.

“But I have always been fascinated by such things. In fact, I had some unusual abilities as a child. Is that wrong for me to be interested in them.”

No. But while you were interested in such things, were you not even more obsessed with finding real love, and people of kindness, gentleness, compassion and harmlessness?

“Yes. Now that I think about it that was really my primary goal and drive.”

And that is why you had powers even as a child. Spiritual ‘phenomenon’ should not be a primary focus of interest, lest they become stumbling blocks, and a means of avoiding real spiritual development. And the only way you can have such abilities without abusing them and causing the effects of such abuse, are to first become a harmless, Unselfishly Loving entity, one who will use, or not use, such abilities in a positive, creative manner all the time. You can force the development of such abilities with certain drugs, certain types of the Yogas, and many other techniques, but you will create problems for yourself and others. Powers come naturally to you from the Universal Spirit when you have simply made yourself harmless and caring under all circumstances. To achieve this, you must first unselfishly use whatever ‘normal’ abilities you have RIGHT NOW, in whatever situation you are in ‘now’. Just as an employer will promote a person who is excelling in working with the circumstances of his present position and demonstrating his readiness for greater responsibility, so does one advance in the Universal ‘company’. What employer would promote someone who’s doing a poor job? Or promote someone who cheats, and attempts to get more power before they have earned it? No sane employer promotes people unless they deserve it, and neither does God. So seek first to make yourself worthy through developing those virtues of Unselfish Love, like patience, humility, understanding, always considering the best interests of others before your self. Then hold on to these virtues constantly, perseveringly, through your times of suffering. Such times are the testing times. When you have passed your tests, THEN will you be given whatever extra abilities you need, or material you need, as you need them for the Universal work, without even trying to get them.

“And that is why I seem to be gaining new abilities, even though I don’t desire them.”

Yes.They are for making in you, a better vehicle for the Universal Spirit to work through. The hierarchy knows when and what to do, and will use the abilities you have developed, when it is appropriate within the Will of God. You just need to open up the channels so you can be used. When you are through with your training, you will have the ability to channel powers that can level great cities, or move a mountain. But you are not to use such power – just sit back, relax, and let it happen if it be the will of God justdoing it through you. And it may never occur, or it may occur daily. It is not for us to decide.


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