Getting the Conscious and Subconscious in Sync

For anything to really be effective, including goal achievement, self-discipline,
or ideals, the conscious and subconscious minds must work together. Many times
a person makes major conscious mind decisions, but the programming of the subconscious
mind is in conflict with those, and keeps working at counter-purposes to
the conscious goal. Since so much of what we think and do comes from the subconscious,
this can totally nullify your conscious desires, and in fact, make things
happen that are opposite to what you want. Properly setting your ideal will have
an effect on both the conscious and subconscious realms of your being.
For instance, a person may have decided they want a successful career, and
they do all the right conscious things to make it happen. They get training, apply
for work, etc.. But if the subconscious is programmed for failure, the person will
do things that counteract, and defeat the conscious goal. They may be stupid little
things, like the slip of a word at the wrong time, or being late for an appointment,
or even little physical “screw-ups”. It can defeat you in many ways.

Programming Your Ideal

To get your ideal programmed into the sub-conscious, use the tools of affirmation,
complete visualization, meditation.
Once an ideal is fully programmed into the subconscious, the sub-conscious
will work towards achieving it. This doesn’t mean that you can sit back and let the
sub-conscious do all the work for you. You must still consciously apply your ideal
in all situations – concentration and self-discipline comes into play again.
When you have set your ideal, check up on yourself by keeping a list of your
daily activities, and reviewing them daily to see how you are doing with living up to
your ideal.

Remember, if you have no ideal, you are like a piece of driftwood being tossed
about by the tides of external forces, or one of those toys that moves on the floor
in a random direction until it runs into something, upon which it turns around and
moves in another direction until it runs into something else, etc., etc..
If you have an ideal, but it’s not in harmony with Universal will, then your life
is but a temporary illusion, the rewards of which are empty and negative. Only an
ideal that is in harmony with the eternal Universal flow brings lasting peace and fulfillment.
Whatever your ideal is, self-discipline, consistency, and perseverance are determining
factors in whether the manifestation of your ideal is great, has little effect,
or fails to manifest altogether. Look at those who have excelled in their chosen
directions. How do they do it? They have very definite goals and they work at it
consistently.  favorite quote from the I Ching “Perseverance furthers”.

If someone else can do it, so can you. And what better reason could you
have to exercise strict self discipline and consistency, than for the goal of being a
channel for the manifestation of the Universal Spirit?

Conscious Breath – Meditation

One way to acquire sub-conscious control and conscious integration, is to really
become aware of your breathing, without controlling it. If you allow your subconscious
mind to control your breathing for you, but at the same time become conscious
of the breathing without trying to control it consciously, you can achieve an
integration of sub-conscious and conscious aspects. This gives you a key to all subconscious
and conscious activities. And through the passive concentration necessary
to bridge these aspects, the conscious mind becomes still, quiet, free from the
constant internal noise and reaction to external stimuli which prevent/block the
reflection of Universal Consciousness.

Sit with your spine erect, and begin to “watch” your body breathe; just be
aware of your breathing. That’s all there is to it. At first, until your concentration
develops, your mind will wander all over the place. As soon as you realize that your
mind has wandered, bring it right back to watching your breath, don’t waste energy
reprimanding yourself for not maintaining concentration, that just gives more
energy to the selfish separate self (and that’s what it wants—-to keep you from getting
control). Frustration is the ally of the separate self. Bringing yourself back
to the object of concentration immediately upon recognizing that
you’ve wandered off, applies to all concentration/meditation techniques.



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