Meditation Walk

meditation walk

Meditation Walk

The meditation walk is a method that synchronizes your breathing with the number of steps you take while walking. Begin walking. Step, step, step, step….
Once you have set the pace (up to you), begin breathing in coordination with your walking. For instance, you could inhale during two of your steps, hold your breath for the third, exhale for the next two steps, leave your breath exhaled for the next step, then repeat immediately (inhale for two steps, etc.). Or you could inhale for four steps, hold for two, exhale for four, hold exhale for two, etc. Create a pattern that is most comfortable for you. If you wish you may even eliminate the “holding breath” part of the meditation, which would make it go something like this: Inhale (however many steps you choose), exhale (same number of steps as inhale), etc.
You can use any number of steps you choose as long as the inhale and exhale number of steps are equal. Experiment and see what works best for you.
Although it is particularly beneficial to walk outdoors, you can even do this exercise walking back and forth, “pacing”, indoors in a small area. Try to do this exercise everyday at the same time.

You can do the meditation walk for as long as you wish, but it should be done for at least five minutes.

If you are doing this properly you will find that you are more aware/conscious of your environment. This is because the meditation brings you greater integration/ Oneness within yourself, and without (your environment).
Remember, if you find yourself walking in front of a moving truck or such, you aren’t doing it right. Start again after you get out of the hospital. (for those of you who are too serious minded, I should explain. That statement is meant to be humorous).



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