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Metaphysics-The Vibratory Nature of the Universe

All is Vibration

Many people think that metaphysics supercedes the laws of physics, but the teachings say that this is not the case. True metaphysics should just expand on the true laws of physics. Over the years, physicists have often discovered that some of what they thought were “final” facts, or immutable laws of physics, weren’t so immutable after all, and thus not really laws. And in the future more “laws” may be broken. But there are certain immutable true laws of physics. They are the ones that are aspects of Universal Law, and as such, will always remain the same. These are the laws that any other law, metaphysical principle, or concept, must be in harmony with, and be measured against. Thus if a person wants to learn and understand true metaphysics, there is no better place to start than by studying and understanding the great laws of the Universe. Here are quotes from some of the ancient texts that discuss the basic concepts involved:

All Is Vibration

All Vibration Follows Universal Law
All Gives All Receives
All Loves

All Vibration
Seeks its own Level
To find any Level
Set forth the Vibration
By Law you Will Go there
By Law it Will come.

Always is there a Greater Vibration
Always is there a Lesser Vibration

In Harmony With Universal Law
All Vibration moves as One Flow
Interrupt the Flow only to Find
In This Natural Order thus does it Go

In Forever Passing Through, Divided in Two
Receptivity be the Way of Emptiness
The One calls to Come and Fill
Giving be the Way of Abundance
The One Flows forth to Fill

Always then the Way of the Flow
Dependence on That Which is Above
The Object of Dependence
To that Which is Below
Two will Repel
Two will Attract
Two will Together, Interact
Look then to Four
For All that Need Be
For All Creation
Vibration Be
One and Two.
One and Two
Beget Four
Thus Opens the Infinite Door

Build Ye Life As The
Four Corners Converge Above
With Fire in the Middle
The Fire of Love
Life, Mind, Truth, Love

Energy Great
Does Course Through This Earth
Collect and Direct, if it Be Your Will
With the Shape of The Temple,
Pure Stones and Gold Laden Box.
Or With The Mind, Focused and Pure
Lowered in Vibration
To Ten in Meditation

Vibration Does Flow
In Body and Soul.

High and Low, In All Flesh is Written
Tune may you to the Right Vibrations
Colors and Sounds, That Change What We Know
Use Them May You
to Heal, Sow, and Grow

Power Great
Above and Below
Key Are Vibrations, Secret but to Few
Find them You Will
By Measure and Trial
And Use of the Word
That Rules All Creation

Describe A Rainbow
To a Blind Man Will You?

Open Your Eyes
Senses Five
Does Man Perceive.
The Focus on Self
Restricts All That Is.
Limited in Scope
The Ocean not Seen.
A Drop of Rain
He Believes Is His World.
So as He Believes

So He Shall Be.

So Let it Be Written.
Everything Orbits Something

All Matter Is As The Universe,
Stars, Planets, Time and Space.

The Vibratory Nature of the Universe Everything in the Universe is vibrating. Even light is vibrating (different frequencies of vibration give us the different colors, just like different frequencies of vibration give us the different notes in an octave of sound).

The so-called 5 physical senses, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight, are all biological “sensors” that, for the most part, detect vibration in different ways. While smell doesn’t directly sense a vibration, it is directly sensing physical objects in the air, that have different vibrational parameters. Each sense perceives vibrations within specific, limited frequency bands. For example, through the sense of hearing, most people perceive vibrational frequencies in the 20 to 20,000 cycle per second range – we call that “sound”. The eyes pick up much faster vibrations that we call light.
But these 5 biological sensors we use, only pick up a very, very small part of the infinite vibrational frequency spectrum. There are other frequency bands that the 5 senses cannot perceive, which puts a BIG hole in our information about what is REALLY there. And for most people, this very limited data from the 5 sensors is the only thing that allows them to be in touch with the world around them.

We are, for the most part, virtually blind in this Universe.
Humans have built machines that pick up some of the vibrations we can’t get with our 5 senses. These machines translate what they pick up into the range that we can get with one of our senses. For instance, our eyes don’t pick up on x-rays they only see the slower vibrating visible light range. So we made x-ray machines that take pictures to show us the result of using the x-rays, on a film that we can see with visible light. Can you imagine being able to see such things as x-rays and gamma rays all the time? Radio waves are also in a vibrational frequency band that is not within the range of any of our senses. The circuitry in a radio or TV changes these vibrations to frequencies of vibration our senses of sight and hearing can perceive.

There are many other things that we do not normally perceive. But all of these things, and much, much more, are available for us to perceive when we transcend the limits of our separate self.

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