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Music a Divine Language


“Music is a powerful force spanning the Infinite to the finite. As with other
vibrations, it can be harmonious, healing, spiritually stimulating, or, inharmonious,
degenerating, stimulating the self, instigating self-indulgence.
Music has no language barriers, and is as close to a language of the Universal
Spirit that you will find.
Even the planets make music. They all make vibrations that can be sensed as
sound in the right state of consciousness, with the right chakras active. And when
you hear the solar system as a whole, the planets weave ever changing chords as
they travel about in their orbits, getting closer and further away from other planets.”

You may have heard of tests done in which “classical” music was played to one
test group of plants, and “rock” music was played to another. The plants that were
played the classics flourished and grew towards the source of the sound, while the
plants that were played the rock music withered away from the sound source and
died. That doesn’t mean that all rock music is detrimental, or that all classical music
is beneficial. While looking in to the specifics of this experiment I found several
things that would greatly affect the outcome. One, it wasn’t a double-blind study,
and the prejudices of the scientists (toward classical and against rock) could have
greatly influenced the plants (remember the “smart” rats experiment?). Also, I
found that the classics played were of the more refined and melodic classical composers,
while the rock music played was some of the most discordant (from negative,
degenerative, selfish-oriented composers). There is some very spiritually ori –
ented rock music around if you look for it. All styles of music have the polarities of
positive and negative, it’s up to you to choose.

While we are touching upon the subject of music I will mention something
about playing a musical instrument (including the voice). Spontaneous composition
or playing can be done as a meditation. Letting go and letting the Universal Spirit
flow through you, play through you, is a very beautiful, ecstatic experience. Those
of you who may have experienced this with music know what I mean. But it is that
way with everything when you transcend the separate self and do things in the spirit
of Unselfish Love. In letting go and letting the Universal Spirit flow through you,
everything becomes a meditation. That is the art of dying, always giving-up (giving
upwards to the Universal Spirit). For the one who lives such a Universal lifestyle,
ALL is a musical instrument as you play with vibrations throughout the Infinite vibrational
spectrum. Come play the song of Love, the song of life, the music of  the Spheres.

Listen to the Music

Music has been said to be the closest thing to a language of God. It has been
used for rituals since the beginning of time. The Catholic church used music by
Bach, to inspire churchgoers. I read that Ravel’s Bolero, was actually based on an
African shamanic ritual music piece, used to stimulate or open the chakras.
Allegedly, in his first public performance of it, he was devastated because the audi –
ence failed to applaud at all. 15 minutes later, as he sat depressed in the alley
behind the concert hall, he heard the audience suddenly giving rave applause. They
were apparently so moved, stunned, entranced, or in reverie, that it took them quite
awhile to “come out of it” and respond. The first half of Ravel’s Daphnis Et Chloe
suite #2, is like a musical representation of the Kundalini rising and the subsequent
bliss – it is incredibly beautiful. Music definitely has the power to make you strongly
feel all kinds of emotions, from the bliss of touching God, to depression and loneliness,
to feelings of lust or violence. The right positive instrumental or lyrical music,
can be a wonderful meditation, in and of itself. But there is far more here than
meets the eye (or ear).

I came to realize that there was a major “war” going on between the forces of dark and light,
right there on the radio and on records. Andno one I personally knew at the time,
even noticed it. And I believed it had at least some effect on the listeners, via the subconscious.
I’m not talking about alleged “backward masking” subliminal programming. I
can’t say I’ve heard it all, but the “backward masking” clips that I have heard, which
people claim are satanic messages, could just as easily be a drunk slurring words
about their laundry. Whereas the kind of thing I’m talking about, was something
quite different, very clear and overtly blatant.
I’m referring to lyrics that were (and still are) right there “up front”, flaunting
themselves in peoples’ faces (or ears and brain in this case). I’d noticed that most
people, didn’t really listen, or really pay attention to, the lyrics of a song. And it
seemed to me, that because of this, they were getting “subliminal” information, just
by virtue of ignoring the lyrics.
Psychological studies were being done about this sort of thing back then. But
as usual, there was no consensus among scientists, and some studies were secretly
done for advertising purposes. Of the studies that were available, some supported,
and some argued against, the theories that related to my conclusion. So what can
you do? Make up your own mind. Which is what I did.

From my own observations and studies, I concluded that the less people paid
attention to the lyrics, the more the lyrics bypassed their normal conscious mind filters
and defense mechanisms, and went right into their sub-conscious minds. My
studies in hypnosis had shown how things that “slipped right by” the conscious
mind, and couldn’t be consciously recalled, were being “stored and recorded” by the
subconscious constantly – like a built-in human personal surveillance system. I heard
of one incident where the police used hypnosis, to get the license number of a car
used in a robbery. The information was stored in a man’s subconscious, and was
merely seen by him only with his peripheral vision, he never looked directly at the
license plate. But the problem was, this personal surveillance system – the subconscious
mind – wasn’t just a recorder. It had influence with many aspects of our lives
– emotions, beliefs, personality, etc.

Anyway, as I studied song lyrics, I found many interesting things. Some of
course, were just mild self-oriented love songs or party songs, but some were clearly
more negative – from self-destructive to out and out evil of all kinds. Yet these
were never noticed or complained about by the public at the time. Other songs had
positive, uplifting, and truly spiritual lyrics. In fact, it seemed to me that if higher,
and lower consciousness beings of any kind, wanted to communicate with, and
affect the minds of the masses, it was a perfect medium for it. Some lyrics were so
spiritual, that one would almost have to conclude that the songwriter was enlightened,
and had great spiritual knowledge. Then later in life, I got to meet many of
the musicians whose lyrics were so strikingly saint-like and spiritual. I discovered
that some were just average consciousness people, some maybe a little above average,
some maybe below average, and some were egoed-out jerks. What they all
had in common, was they were getting “stoned” on hallucinogenic drugs, and since
playing music was like a meditation technique, they were getting into a trance-like
state, and just “channeling” these incredible lyrics. On the dark side, the same thing
was happening, but the musicians were definitely way below average consciousness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating any kind of censorship, other than
“personal censorship”. The lesson – make sure you know the lyrics of the music you
are listening to, read the lyric sheets if you must. Then choose what you want to listen
to, knowing that whatever it is, you are allowing some of it into your conscious
and sub-conscious mind, and it may have effects.



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