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Physical Aids to Spiritual Consciousness


Physical Aids to Spiritual Consciousness

The physical body can be a window of sorts to your entire being. Everything
is interconnected, all One, and when you apply things such as herbs, yoga, diet,
etc., on the physical plane, you affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects
as well.
When you apply mental thoughts that involve spiritual energies to things like
yoga, and what you eat, it aids the spiritual effects of the physical applications, making
these things even more powerful.

Yoga is a very old discipline that tones your body, while freeing up, and flowing
Universal Life Energy, and sometimes facilitating the activation of Kundalini.
It also can incorporate, and provide the benefits of, meditation.
Yoga has taken many different forms over the centuries. Thus, there are now
many different “types” of yoga. One of the most popular, and well known, is Hatha yoga,
which involves moving and stretching your body in various ways.
Physically doing yoga exercises without the interplay/integration of the mental
and spiritual, would be like going through the motions of playing a musical
instrument without actually playing anything. It will still have some effect, but nothing
compared to when you combine the exercises with the application of will and
The body is a precision instrument, through which the essential you expresses
itself in the physical plane. It’s a vehicle that can be a well maintained, finely tuned
instrument, or neglected and out-of-tune. The more aware you become that your
natural function is to manifest the Universal Spirit, the more aware you become of
the body’s need for purification, balance, and attunement with Universal Forces.
The more spiritually “tuned-up” a body is, the better it can perform as a vehicle for
the Universal Spirit.
[P.S. – It’s best to do Yoga naked if possible. Clothing, especially footwear or
socks, restrict/disrupt some of the body’s energy flows.]

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is considered by some to be similar to yoga. It both is and isn’t. Tai
Chi, and its various counterparts, are “newer” than some of the yogas, and were
originally developed by high consciousness monks as “inner forms” of the different
fighting styles or “Kung Fu’s”. These inner forms were used to develop such things
as inner strength, Universal Life Energy (or Ki/Chi) power, accuracy, and concentration.
But while Tai Chi was developed to be an integral part of a fighting system
, it is even more than that. Tai Chi, like yoga, is a form of meditation and flowing
life energy. It has become its own entity, which is a beneficial and beautiful system
of spiritual development and health maintenance. It takes far more time to learn
than yoga however, and many years to master.

Elixirs are plants, elements, or mixtures, consumed to gain spiritual development
or power. They have been used since the days of Atlantis. The Ancients once
used them to help the most advanced students induce the death experience. Even
back then, they were to be used once only in an entire lifetime, either to induce the
death experience, or get a glimpse of the “top of the mountain” to establish the
reality of the goal. Native Americans, and shamans the world over however, have
repeatedly used plants like Peyote to expand their spiritual awareness, gain insight
and knowledge, to facilitate healing, and perform spiritual rituals. Elixirs can help,
but only under special circumstances and with close guidance. Properly used, they
can give a spiritual push, or a glimpse of enlightenment, etc., but if the experience
gives false confidence, false pride, a spiritual ego will result that will impede any true
spiritual development. And some will want to keep taking the elixir to reach the
heights of the Universal Spirit, rather than climbing their own path. The use of
elixirs without guidance, can also lead to astral problems – “aura holes”, the attachment
of disincarnate being and “things”, and even possession. Since many elixirs
are now illegal in most countries, and the dangers outweigh the potential benefits,
we no longer use them, and we recommend avoiding them.

When you eat, you should be feeding your spiritual body with energy as well
as your physical body. You should also choose a diet that is right for you. Every
body is different, and every diet needs to be adjusted for a given body. Similarly,
you can not single out a diet for the body without considering it’s mental and spiritual
implications. You are a whole being, a spiritual, mental, and physical Universe
in itself, and must regard all things in the realization of such if you are to evolve.

Charging Your Food
If you took an energy photograph (like Kirilian photography) of just picked
food, you would find that it loses it’s life energy about twenty to thirty minutes after
it’s picked (depending on the type of food) and loses it’s slower frequency energies
and many of its physical attributes (vitamins, etc..) in about the same amount of time
after it is cut. “Charging” your food with Universal Life Energy before you eat,
restores the food’s lost energy, and then some (depending on you). To charge your
food before eating, place your hands at the sides of your bowl or dish, as near the
food as possible. Then visualize the energy flowing through you, into the food,
making the food radiant with light. It is essentially like doing a mini Star Exercise,
and giving the energy to your food. This can be done mentally without the hands,
but it is best that you learn to walk before attempting to run, so it’s best to do it with
the hands at first, and at least until it’s mentally automatic.

Cold Shower
A cold shower benefits the whole being. It has rejuvenating, healing, and stimulating
effects with the entire body, including: the organs, circulatory system, nervous
systems, glandular system (including endocrine glands associated with the
Chakras), muscles, etc. It aids the digestive and assimilative processes. It actually
increases the blood count. A cold shower taken daily, builds resistance to disease
and infections. Mentally, a cold shower increases alertness. A cold shower also
increases the flow of Universal life energy/prana/chi/ki throughout the body,
whereas a hot shower tends to drain or have a resistive effect on these energies.
And as an added bonus, the cold shower is a great means of transcending the selfish
separate self, especially for those who don’t “like” cold water.
You may start your shower with warm water if you like, you can even alternate
hot-cold, hot-cold, just as long as you end with the cold.


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