Ancient Way - Children of the Law of One

Seperation – The problem

The Seperate Self (The Ego)

The Spiritual Self
Came to Be
As The One divided within itself.
Created then, were Infinite
multiplicities of the One
Still One with the One
Consciousness of Oneness Remained

Separate Self Consciousness
Came to Be
As the Separate Self
Moved deeper into the Matter of Earth
Vibration Fell into Density and Fragmentation
With Polarization into Male and Female.
The Opposites Repelled.
The Positive lost Receptivity.
The Receptive turned from the Positive.
Polarity misdirected, the Flow waned Chaotic.
Severed in Consciousness From The One,
The Way was Lost.

The Separate Self
Only has Life in Separation.
Separation is an illusion,
that the Separate Self Works to Maintain.
The Monkey Mind serves to keep away the stillness
that reveals the Light of Truth and Oneness.

In the Illusion of Separateness
from the One,
The Separate Self believes,
and behaves,
in ways that are not harmonious
in the flow of the One.
Such disharmony causes suffering,
both for the Separate Self,
and others.

The Separate Self.
Turned Within instead of Without
Began the way of Take instead of Give
Thus was the Birth of Self-ishness

Then Came to Be
The SELFISH Separate Self
The master of Selfishness,
The Pawn of Darkness.

Selfishness –
The Root of all evil,
All ignorance,
All wrongs,
All pain and suffering.
Greed, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Vanity and Lust,
Call thee each by thy true name –
Theft, Brutality, War, and Famine –
Exist not without Selfishness.

The Selfish Separate Self
Is a creature
of our own design.
It Disdains Love
Shuns the Light
Fears the Truth

The Selfish Separate Self
Lives Against the One
It Lives a Lie
It survives only in illusion
It Lives only to serve itself, and its masters –
the darkness and
The Lords of darkness.
It relishes ignorance.
With its self-centered gaze,
It is Blind.

The Selfish Separate Self
Is Insane.
Terrified of death –
yet it often accelerates its demise.
Wants to avoid suffering,
yet it often creates it.
Wants to fulfill its every desire,
yet it often prevents their attainment.

It suffocates itself with its own blind taking,
and destroys its own source of life.

The Selfish Separate Self
Controls the Mind
and Twists the Truth
It can avoid God by Searching for God
It can avoid Love, by looking for Love

Your Selfish Separate Self
Is the most terrible Demon
You will ever See
Transcend its Grip
And you will be Free
Your Selfish Separate Self
Will frighten You
When you look it in the Eye
Greet it with True Love
And it will Die

From the ashes of its Grave
Like the Sun it will Rise
Born anew, Separate no longer
To serve your True Self
And the Will of The One.
As a servant,
Its proper place,
It Finds Peace and Happiness.
Thusly do the Great Enemies,
Become Allies,
As One.

The One
Becomes Two
The Two become Three
The Two Beget Four
and Begins the More
Within and Without
Torn Between and Against
Mirrors on All Sides
Split Inside and Out
Again and again
Thus is the Ignorant Self

To Be Whole Again
To Be home Again
Only The Weary Learn
Only The Bleeding heart Returns

To Be Whole with the One Again
Is the Great Goal.
The Great Mountain we can climb
with our Will.
For Those who Take Power over
Their Selfish Separate Self,
Will Return
And Be Wholly One.
The Wholly Ones use the Power of Love,
Sacrifice Their Selfish Separate Self,
And Make To Give.
Thusly did they Find Their Spiritual Self Again.
Thusly do they Forever Walk
With the Peace of the Whole,
And in Their Wholiness,
are a Blessing to All.

The Seperate Self

The separate self is a very clever thing. And it has the ability of a supercomputer. It has your brain at its disposal. It has all the knowledge you have. All the cleverness and cunning you have. It can lie and confuse even you (people delude themselves all the time). It has control of everything you control. Like Sherlock Holmes, you must anticipate every step of Moriarty if you want to beat him at his own game. Obviously then, knowing the intricacies and modes of operation of your self is a key to many things. You must know your self in order to transcend your self and regain Universal consciousness. And if you truly understand your self, you will know all other selves, for all selves are the same, and they behave the same way. For instance, how can you understand anger in another if you don’t understand it in your self? And when you thus know and understand all selves, you will really understand the world. Thus understanding others allows you to bridge the gap of separation, and help them achieve Universal consciousness also.


The polarities outside this plane, are in harmony, connected, flowing as One.
Thus they are One, not separate – they only become polarities when they separate from their connection, which is a never ending flow in one direction. As I said, in coming into this material world, we needed to manifest in individual forms, and lower our vibration to match the environment. Like water vapor whose molecules must vibrationally slow down and get more dense in order to become ice, we “lowered” our vibration – slowed our vibration, until we achieved our goal. And as we manifested physically, the greater the depth of integration into the physical plane, our consciousness became more and more limited rather than Universal, and the greater was the separation from the One. This also created greater separation within ourselves. And separate polarization without the right connection, the right order of flow. Do you know what happens if you put batteries in backwards, or if you touch electrical wires to each other the wrong way?

Humans live that way. When we entered this plane of dualities and polar opposites, we changed greatly from our previous ‘Spirit’ forms. We were no longer angelic beings with self-contained energy flows. Our internal male and female elements had once been so fully integrated, that there was not even a concept of male or female. But with the manifestation into the physical plane, these elements dichotomized, dividing into ‘male’ and ‘female’ polar opposite parts (now ‘soulmates’).
Eventually, as we manifested deeply into this dichotometric material plane, we physically became separate male and female beings. The dichotomy affected each male and female being even further, and in many ways. Our previously integrated mind, with logic/intellect and intuition /emotion functioning as one within the One, became left and right hemispheres of a brain that divided logic & intuition.
The minds of these male and female selves, became dominated by either logic/intellect, or intuition/emotion. As degeneration /lowering of vibration and consciousness occurred further, the males generally became more logic/intellect oriented, and the females more intuition/emotion oriented. Logic and intuition were no longer functioning in balance, as one within the One. And the two halves, are in opposition rather than in flow. That’s one reason males and females don’t understand each other, and often argue.

The Big Break-Up

This lowering of vibration and separating from the One went too far. For an example, think of the Universe as a great single continent, surrounded by a dense dark fog. We are land in that continent. If we are a peninsula, we might stretch way out from the continent, and be surrounded by the dark fog, but as long as we still have a tiny piece of land connecting our peninsula to the continent, we are still the continent, and have all the life of that continent. But if we totally separate, we become an island. A tiny island, all alone, not even able to see that there is anything else out there other than ourselves, and all that dark fog.

The Self Reverses Polarity

Upon separating from the One, the separate self turns its attention to its self.
Since the separate self’s attention is directed towards itself, attention is directed inward rather than outward – and the direction of mental energy is thus inward (‘negative’ polarity / vacuum / taking) rather than outward (‘positive’ polarity / outflowing / giving). This puts it out of harmony with Universal Flow and Order.
This inward direction naturally then gave birth to a way of being – a selfishness. Self-ishness is virtually a ‘path’ – a way of ‘being’. It is the way of being ‘taking’.
It’s the way of inward flow, of negative flow, like being a ‘black hole’ (whose gravity is so great that it sucks everything into itself, even light).
Thus we have the selfish separate self.

Just examine it, and see for yourself. In placing attention on and giving energy to the selfish separate self, we turn away from being receptive to the outflowing source of Universal Consciousness, and maintain a selfish separate self consciousness.
Self-indulgence is then simply the natural outcome, the natural order of things once the selfish separate self has established itself with its own consciousness, and the individual’s focus and attention feed that consciousness. It has lost awareness of its connection with its spiritual nature, and thusly, the Universal Spirit and Universal consciousness.

Since all the matter, all ‘the stuff’ of the Universe, is in reality One ‘stuff’, nothing can truly be separate from the One Universe, but humans gradually became separate from the One as far as their awareness, their consciousness, was concerned.
It’s as if mirrored walls surrounded each individual self. All each self primarily saw all the time was itself, and everything else it saw had to first be reflected in the mirror of the separate self. This gave birth to an illusion, a belief, that they were indeed separate, which gave birth to a new kind of total separate-self identity.
This is where human consciousness still is today.

In so becoming “cut off” from the Universal Spirit, the source of creation, humanity has become “blind” in a sense. No longer aware that we are ALL ONE, people act as the negative polarity – they look to take and get, rather than give (as is the way of the positive polarity). It’s ‘look out for number one’ rather than a ‘Love thy neighbor’ approach to their brothers and sisters. This negative, selfish way of being, creates more negativity, pain, and suffering for all, including the separate self.

When you truly know yourself, see your own selfishness, transcend it, and become a person who loves unselfishly, then you will clearly understand the selfishness in others, and the Unselfish Love in others. You will see both aspects simultaneously, and as a whole.

Excerpt from: The Children of the Law of One

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