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Subconsciousness and Programming

Subconsciousness and Programming

Some psychologists are now saying that the majority of cognitive activity is outside of the conscious mind’s realm. As we mentioned earlier, some say as much as 98% of our actions, thoughts, and emotional impulses, come from the subconscious.

This “new evidence” corresponds with the ancient teachings.
When you start looking at the research from all the fields of both medicine and psychology, things get even more interesting. Spiritual masters/teachers have long known the profound effects of the subconscious and the power of the mind. But again, medical research into the effects of hypnosis have substantiated how directing the mind can do such things as block pain, constrict blood vessels to control bleeding, etc.
It has also been demonstrated that during an operation, what the anesthetized patient hears can affect their thoughts and actions, which, in turn, can affect their health. For instance, a patient’s subconscious will accept and process a doctor saying he doesn’t think the patient will survive, or that the operation was very successful and the patient should recover. Now, with all the latest psychological evidence, modern science is realizing that the subconscious mind has a powerful, previously unsuspected (by them), control over many aspects of our lives, including feelings, thoughts, actions, and decisions.

Something like a Bio computer

How did we come to believe all the things we believe – all the beliefs that are involved in making us what we are? Since a great deal of who we are, and what we are, is a sum of our beliefs – it sure seems like we ought to know why we believe what we do!

Some beliefs are developed through our direct experiences. But primarily, we had many of our beliefs ‘programmed’ by our culture, and the family/friends/teachers we’ve had throughout our lives. Some of this programming has been by training. Other programming took place very subtly, by ‘osmosis’ – just by being exposed to people, and their behavior.

The subconscious mind is much like these new electronic computation devices.
Our mind has memory storage that remembers all of our past experiences. It is also programmable (and has been programmed by our experiences, especially our thoughts about our experiences). Average humans lack knowledge and understanding of this, and just leave their programming up to others – to outside factors, and out of their control. In other words, the creation of the thing (the subconscious mind’s ‘program’) that determines a substantial amount of what people think, emotionally feel, and physically do – they have left to chance! Even worse, it has been left to the selfish and dark manipulators of the world. But those aren’t the only sources we get programming from. Everyone’s programming has been from ‘data’, coming from all kinds of sources. Our programming gets altered or created from our experiences with the predators and manipulators of the world, the manipulated ‘human sheep’ of the world, human laws, unwritten social laws (either taught to us directly, or indirectly ‘picked up’ by observing the behavior of others), our own careless conscious thoughts, etc.. Even our observation of Universal laws, like seeing the results of the Law of Cause & Effect (stick your hand in fire and it gets burned, and deeper concepts) creates and alters programming.

‘Out of our control’ programming is a vitally important fact. We have a mind full of programmed intellectual half-truths, which make up the foundation of our beliefs! And we didn’t do the programming! And these beliefs, which we didn’t program, dictate our actions, good and bad! Someone else’s beliefs are running your mind and thus running your life! Which essentially means some one else is in control of your life! Think what that means! All the people in the entire world, are basically robots running on programming deliberately designed by others, or haphazardly created, but usually a mix of both. Realizing the full significance of this is immensely important. Once one does, it becomes clear that we must analyse all our beliefs and feelings about things, from as high a state of consciousness as possible, and re-program ourselves.

Finding and Analyzing Your Programming

“Reprogramming ourselves can be done in several ways [Author’s note: these will be discussed later]. But first, we must know what to change in our programming. There are different ways to become aware of what we want to change. Some things are obvious, like diet or smoking or some such thing. But unfortunately, most of our own ‘bad habit patterns’ are negative subconscious programming that is out of our awareness.

Meditation can help. Particularly, contemplative meditation (contemplation).
In the more expanded and aware state of mind that meditation creates, a person can better contemplate and examine their beliefs, and subsequent feelings and thoughts, about all kinds of issues. Such contemplation can also help you to determine whether a particular belief, feeling or thought is positive/ constructive, and thus should remain in programming, or is negative/destructive, and should be removed or replaced.

The results of some of our negative programming is often pointed out to us by friends or relatives. But most people ignore such criticism from others. And unfortunately, sometimes criticism is given during the heat of an argument, which makes it even more difficult to accept. So even though someone may give you truthful and valid criticism, because the separate self goes into a stronger ‘defense mode’ in such situations, its basic ego defense mechanisms usually defeat your even becoming aware of your problems. For instance, I’m sure that during an argument you’ve had someone say to you something like, ‘You’re always so ‘such and such’!!’ (Or you’ve said it to someone else during arguments). It doesn’t usually get anywhere because the selfish separate self’s defenses go up, right? Regardless of whether what is being said is valid or not. And sometimes it is valid, and sometimes it’s not. When someone criticizes you, sometimes that’s just them projecting their own problem, and trying to transfer it to you, or it’s partly true, but mixed with their own viewpoint, or tainted and distorted by anger, envy, or whatever. But many times it may really be revealing an actual problem you have – something you may want to change if you thought about it and gave it a chance. But the problem is, even when they are mirroring your own problems to you, if the criticism is contaminated, because they have their own problems mixed in – they are not a clear mirror of your problem. And that makes it much more difficult for your selfish separate self, and your true inner self, to accept the truth in it, or even see what part is true and what isn’t.

So straightening yourself out with the help of such unclear mirror criticisms and opinions, is like trying to shave or “do your hair”, using a very dirty, extremely warped ‘fun house’ mirror that is distorting your true reflection. It can still be done of course. But to even see your self clearly at all, through such unclear, distorted, contaminated criticism, you must first have transcended your “self” defense mechanisms. And if you aren’t at a level of consciousness in which you are free from your separate self’s defense mechanisms and ego, how are you going to be able to even see your negative programming problems, let alone have an opportunity to change them?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who has the
Fairest Programming of All?

Interacting with other like minded people (friends, novices, students, etc.), on your path can help though – especially if you have a humble attitude. But often you run into the same problems just mentioned above. Ultimately, interacting with a “true teacher” (any enlightened being in a physical body), is the best way to find and analyze your programming flaws, and the only way to route out and dispose of your most subtle and deeply ingrained programming flaws.

A true teacher is like a clear mirror and an exorcist. Thus there is no one more capable of finding your flaws, bringing them up to you, forcing you to see them (like a mirror “forces you” to see your physical self when you look into it), and then helping you change them. Unlike other people, the true teacher is a clear mirror – he has no ego based opinions, or negative programming himself, that could get in the way of clearly showing you your ego based opinions and negative programming.
Also, he doesn’t have any desire just to “win the fight”, or “not be wrong”, like most people do. First of all, he doesn’t engage in arguments- discussions yes, arguments no. So all criticism is done strictly in the environment of pointing out your flaws, to help you grow and improve yourself. And if you have actually chosen a true teacher to help you change, by the very fact that you have chosen the teacher to help you, you will likely have more respect for what he says to you, thus you will likely be more receptive to what he reveals to you about yourself, thus it will be easier to see and make changes.


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