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The Path

The Path – The paths are many the Way is One

They are always being given the opportunity to learn, regardless of the type of path. Karma is constantly being created, and life keeps trying to teach us something by providing us with our own self-created lessons – that explode in our faces.

Getting taught in that way, has been called ‘the school of hard knocks’. But while everyone suffers the slings and arrows of life experiences, most people ignore these lessons which are being constantly presented to us. This is unfortunate when it is ignored, because suffering can cause us to be introspective, and really take a hard look, a deep look, at the ‘whys’ of our life experiences.

After we’ve had enough suffering to open our eyes, we realize we need to change. Therein lies the value of the pain. As you’ve already learned, transcending our separate self, and renouncing selfishness is painful too – it’s like ‘crucifying’ yourself. Most people won’t choose the spiritual path until they realize that the pain caused as a result of living selfishly, outweighs the pain of the spiritual path. But as I said, from time to time, people get hit with an unpleasant life experience, suffer, and get introspective. That’s when they can more easily realize that it is worth it to choose the spiritual path.

During the introspective times brought by suffering, people are more aware of that constant painful gnawing that exists from the lack of inner peace. It reminds them, at least internally or subconsciously, about the great fact, that the suffering caused by remaining separate and selfish, will never end unless you return to Oneness with the Universal Spirit. And that they can never really be happy as a selfish separate self. Never. You may have temporary ‘high points and get offs’, but that’s it. On the other hand, the pain of ‘crucifying’ the selfish separate self is just temporary. And when you’re done, you have inner peace, and that’s the only true happiness, and the only happiness that never leaves you. When people suffer enough self-pain, they will eventually realize this. When one finally realizes this, and thus decides to take the “return trip”, is when the real spiritual journey begins. This is the point when we each begin our real ‘spiritual path’.

There are as many ‘specific paths’ back to the Source of our being, as there are individuals. It can be no other way.
Each entity is where they are, and basically what they are, because of the separate paths and experiences they have had (and created) in arriving at that point in time and space. Likewise, each entity has their own particular way to return, or ‘backtrack’, from that point. Let’s use an allegory. Let’s say there is this ‘mountain of life’. On all sides of this great mountain, are paths, millions of paths. These paths have been created from people starting at the top, which is the point of Oneness and of Universal Spirit. And all these paths are winding their way down the mountain, which is separateness and materiality, in various ways. On each of these paths, is a person. These people are at all kinds of different places on their path.
Some are down at the base of the mountain, and some are near the top. Some don’t care to climb the mountain, and some want to because they have realized they must get to the top to find Oneness and peace. To get to the top they each have a different route – the path they made themselves from the top. It doesn’t really matter where each person’s path is, they all still end up back at the top.

The Path Is.
To Return To The One
Is Death to The Separate Self.
A Great Fight it Will Wage
Great Pain it Will Inflict.
Only Those Who Have Learned
The Greater Pain
Lies in Separation from The One
Will Choose the Spiritual Path
Many Paths There Are
All Spiritual Paths
Lead to The One.
As Closer You Return,
Recognize You Will
Your True Self
Your True Family
Recognize You Will
The Face of a Stranger

Judge Not the Path of Another.
Learn to Understand
That You May Not Understand
The Path of Another.
Judge the Path of Another,
Only to Judge and Determine
Your Own Path.
Never Condemn Another.
Condemn Only Actions.

The Path Takes Us Through
Walls of Fire Burning Us Away
Sharp Teeth Ripping Away Our Flesh
Why then, Am I not Harmed?

The Path is Beset With Traps
The WindFlowers Draw Us
With Their Sweet Perfume
Thorns Prick at Our Feet
Mud Drags us Down
Above and Below
Rocks Loosen and Fall.
Walk In the Footsteps of Those
Who have Found the Way Before You

The Ease or Difficulty One Experiences
While Walking the Path to Oneness
Is directly determined by the degree
of Their Humility and Unselfish Love

Pain and Pleasure
Are Swings in the Arc of a Pendulum.
To the degree the Pendulum Swings into Pleasure
It will Swing into the same degree of Pain
Many Paths Present themselves
That Lead to Pleasure.
With Free Will, we Choose
Choose not Pleasure, and you will Create not Pain.
Chase not Pleasure, and Pain will Chase you not.
Accept the Little Pleasures that Come to You.
Endure the Pain that may Come to You
With Long-Suffering Patience.

Hear Me O Man.
Turn From the Darkness of Night.
Turn towards the Love of Light.
Know that Your Mind
Leads Your Direction
Turn From the Thoughts
That Lead you Astray
Turn to the Thoughts
of Giving and Light
They Lead you to Oneness
Not Darkness of Night.
Find Not The Great Path
In Power & Glory.
Find it You Will in The Dust at Your Feet.
With Head Bowed In Regret and Humility,
Beg You Must With All Heart
Ask Then The Universal One To Guide You,
With Heart that is Ready to Serve All it Shows.
Pray that Your Will Be that of The One.
Pray The One
Send To You One who Is One,
To Show You TheLight
And Illuminate Your Soul.

Seek God First
And All Else Will Come To You.

As You Walk Your Path
Let This always be Your Prayer
To the Universal Spirit:
“Your Will Be Done, Not Mine,
In Me and Through Me”

As we get very close to the top, we find that we, and the others who are very close to the top, are getting more alike. That’s because there are ‘archetypes’ – ‘patterns’ for certain beings that are the same at the higher consciousness levels. After all, the closer we get to becoming One, the more One we become, thus, the more similar we become. While you probably have not seen this yet, you will. And you may have already experienced something similar – have you ever noticed strangely strong similarities, physical or otherwise, between certain unrelated people?

Some people who have concluded that their path is the right way, think that since their path is the right way for them, it must mean that it is the ONLY right path, and that other paths are not the right way. They consider all other paths ‘false’ or ‘a lost way’. But this may not be true. Let’s use the ‘mountain’ allegory again. Some people think that others must not be on a path at all, simply because they don’t see the others on their path, and thus going up the mountain. They don’t realize that others are climbing their own paths on different parts of the mountain. So they make false judgements – because they don’t realize that they can’t see the other people, simply because they cannot see them from their point of view. And they don’t realize that just because they can’t see the other people, it doesn’t mean they aren’t climbing the mountain on their own paths.

Stepping out of our mountain allegory for a moment, and trying to explain it in another way – it’s like this: many people don’t accept the paths of others, because they can’t understand it from their point of view. They don’t realize that the other person’s path, may lead back to God also. Getting back to the mountain allegory again, the closer that people get to the top (which means the more expansive they get in consciousness), the greater their point of view. The top of the mountain has been becoming smaller, narrower, closer together, and thus it is easier to see more sides of the mountain at the same time – and see that others’ paths are also converging on the top. We too often see individuals of one particular path taking the attitude that their way is the way, and all others are not on the path. This reflects their lower position on the mountain – their degree of lack of consciousness.

No particular path is the path for everyone at a given place and time in their consciousness, even though it may bethe path for the particular individual who’s on it. However , there comes a time,when all must transcend their separations, their separate selves, to get to the top of the mountain where All are One; those are the final steps of any true spiritual path – this is what we will call the path; the path of Unselfish Love. To get to the top, all must consciously climb the mountain step by step, no matter where you are starting from or where your ‘particular’ path takes you.


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