The Sacred Breath

The Sacred Breath was the most guarded meditation secret of the Children of
the Law of One. It was never taught, or written down. In fact, a teacher did not
even reveal it to a student, until the student developed a basic awareness of it, and
then asked about it.

The Sacred Breath is a “staple” meditation of a true teacher. It becomes so
natural, so much of a second nature, that they just do it automatically from time to
time, without even thinking about it. When a teacher is doing this meditation, it
doesn’t “show” very much. There is a little breathing that can be mistaken as a
sigh, and a subtle shift in energy. It takes keen awareness and observation for an
elder student to perceive that their teacher is doing “something”. But nevertheless,
this meditation was only passed on when the student noticed “something”, and
asked their teacher what they were doing. Then the student was ready to learn the
Sacred Breath. But as I mentioned in part one, it is time for these things to now
be revealed openly.

The Sacred Breath involves several aspects of meditation: Active, conscious
breath control; The “little death” of lingering during the period after exhalation,
and prior to inhalation; The taking in of Universal Life Energy through the breath
into the Solar Plexus; And concentration.

Start by inhaling, then exhaling deeply and completely (like a deep sigh). Now
here’s where it’s tricky: You want to begin inhaling, but so subtly, slowly and
minutely that you can’t even tell you are inhaling – but you want to make sure you
are inhaling. I guess you could say that is the paradox or Zen quality to this medi –
tation. You don’t want to think of your subtle inhalation, as an inhalation. You
want to completely visualize that you are just inhaling the prana, the Universal Life
Energy, right into your solar plexus.
Now, when you start to feel that you need to take a breath, go ahead and take
one – then again, exhale fully and deeply as if you were sighing. Repeat this for as
long as you have time for.

You can also do this throughout your day anytime you think about it, in order to
bring your consciousness back to true reality (to break the illusion of the day to day
reality most people think is more real).


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