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The Star Exercise. (much more than a yoga exercise)


The Star Exercise

The Star Exercise can generate tremendous amounts of Universal Life
Energy, or “Chi”/”Ki”. If you choose to do this exercise, you do so at your own
risk, and we take no responsibility for what may happen to you. I have done it
for many years, and I have never known anyone hurt by it, but it is powerful.
Like a circuit breaker that trips and shuts off the power when more energy than
the circuits can handle attempts to pass, sometimes if your body is not yet
strong enough to handle the energy flowing through it when you do the star
exercise, it will knock you down. If it happens, don’t worry about it, you’ll get
stronger. But when doing this exercise, make sure that the area around you is
free from anything that could damage your body if it were to fall. Do not do
this exercise if you are subject to epileptic seizures.

The Star Exercise is , yet the Ancients also considered it to be the ultimate yoga exercise.

Some feel it is the only yoga exercise a person needs to do.

In any case, it is an incredibly powerful means of stimulating the Kundalini, and storing, generating, and transmitting, Universal Life Energy (this energy has many names: prana, bio-cosmic energy, ki, etc.).

When you do the Star Exercise, it not only permeates your own body with energy, but it
flows in and out of you, allowing you to use it to give energy to others, to heal, and
to flow energy with a group of people.
Universal Life Energy is very high frequency, etheric, having some attributes
that could be described as spiritual and physical, yet the energy can be affected &
directed by the mind and emotions. Universal Life Energy permeates everything.
It can be seen as an “aura”, or projected energy beams. It can be photographed
by means of “Kirilian” electrophotography. In all your yoga exercises, and meditations,
you should be conscious of, and working with, this energy. Its supply is limitless,
only your separate self can inhibit it.

When you do the Star Exercise, it is best to remove shoes and socks if possible.

To do the Star Exercise, stand with your feet about a yard apart,
arms straight out to your side.
Turn your left palm up, right palm down.
Begin breathing intensely, and deeply.

Sometimes you may want to do this breathing rapidly, as hard as you can.

Other times you may want to do it slowly, yet still deeply and intensely.

The purpose of this breathing is to draw Universal Life Energy from the air into your Solar Plexus Chakra (One of the functions of the Solar Plexus Chakra is to store a charge of this energy, kindof like a Life Energy battery). It is not so different from rubbing a balloon to make static electricity.

While you see & feel the energy entering your Solar Plexus and building there,
also see & feel the energy distribute from your Solar Plexus, throughout your whole
being. At the same time, visualize the energy flowing into your left hand, through
you, and out of your right hand. Continue doing this. Depending on the circum –
stances, it may take anywhere from a few breaths, to 144, to get the desired energy
effect from the Star Exercise (which is a feeling of transcension and well being,
and a “rush” of energy that you can feel and sometimes see). However, you won’t
experience this intense energy rush until after you finish your breathing and go on
to the next step. Next, inhale, hold the breath, and while you continue the visualization,
silently say to yourself this affirmation: “I am one with Universal Life
Energy, it is flowing through me now, I feel it.” At this point, if you have done it
correctly, you should start feeling the energy rush. Only hold your breath and enjoy
the energy for as long as is comfortable to you. Exhale, continue the visualization
and affirmation.

If you wish, the energy pouring out of your right hand can be given to someone
or something. We also use it as a healing light. This is the same energy that’s associated
with pyramid phenomenon (the word pyramid means “fire in the middle”).
Some people will tell you that the rush you get is from getting too much oxygen
via hyperventilation. But ask yourself, if that is so, why doesn’t a person
breathing pure oxygen get the same effect? And how does it sometimes work with
as little as one breath?

If done with just one other person, it can be done in two ways: 1) Stand facing
each other and grasp each other’s hands (making a mini-circle for the energy).
2) Stand side-by-side, and join just the hands that are between you, leaving one person’s
hand open and up for receiving energy from the heavens, and the other person’s
hand open and downward for sending the energy to the Earth.

If doing it with a group of people, form a circle with all joining hands. Besides
thesame visualizations you do when you are doing it alone, also visualize the energy
going around the entire circle, and gaining strength as it gets a boost from each
person in the circle. It has been my experience that no one should be left outside
the circle when you do this, due to the tremendous power that “flies off” the circle.


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