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Things to Do Today. (Before I Physically Die) 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Today.

things to do before I physically die
Things to Do Today Before I Physically Die.

Until you have a death experience, there is a special “death awareness” technique you can develop that can have a profoundly beneficial effect on your life even before you have a death experience. Everyone should CONSTANTLY be reminding themselves that they could physically die at any time. Remember, you are in fact going to die someday. One of these days you will be just a few minutes from death. Seriously think about that. Contemplate it for awhile. And in thinking about it, think about how you are leaving things, and how you are using your life right now.

Here are some 7 Questions to ask yourself :

1) If you were going to die in five minutes, is the way you have left things with the people in your life, how you want to leave them?
2) Are the last things you said, what you want to have left said?
3) Have you left anything unsaid that you would have wanted to say before you’re gone for good?
4) With the perspective of knowing that you are going to die at any minute, how important to you is that issue of _______ that really irritated you (about living with so and so, or what so and so does, or the things you don’t like about how or where you must live, etc., etc.,).
5) Is the terrible argument you had about_________really important?
6) Have you done what you wanted to, or needed to do, with your life?
7) What is the legacy you are leaving? Are your last actions the actions you would want to be your last?

Walking With Death by Your Side

Here’s a method you can use to remind yourself of death. Personalize it, and keep it with you. Live your life consciously aware that death is always standing by your side, only an arm’s length away. Then you will live accordingly. You won’t live in fear – quite the opposite. It frees you to live life fully. I highly recommend everyone contemplate their death – and it shouldn’t just be something you remind yourself of daily, it should be constant, or at least as frequent as you can make it. It really helps keep things in perspective, and changes the way you live. When you are always aware you might be dead any second, you really live. Awareness of death, begets real life.



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