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Understanding your ‘self’ – The Self Reverses Polarity

Understanding your ‘self’ – The Self Reverses Polarity

Upon separating from the One, the separate self turns its attention to its self. Since the separate self’s attention is directed towards itself, attention is directed inward rather than outward – and the direction of mental energy is thus inward (‘negative’ polarity / vacuum / taking) rather than outward (‘positive’ polarity / outflowing / giving). This puts it out of harmony with Universal Flow and Order.
This inward direction naturally then gave birth to a way of being – a self-ishness. Self-ishness is virtually a ‘path’ – a way of ‘being’. It is the way of being ‘taking’. It’s the way of inward flow, of negative flow, like being a ‘black hole’ (whose gravity is so great that it sucks everything into itself, even light). Thus we have the selfish separate self.

“And from that, all our personal problems, and the world’s problems originate?”

Just examine it, and see for yourself. In placing attention on and giving energy to the selfish separate self, we turn away from being receptive to the outflowing source of Universal Consciousness, and maintain a selfish separate self consciousness.
Self-indulgence is then simply the natural outcome, the natural order of things once the selfish separate self has established itself with its own consciousness, and the individual’s focus and attention feed that consciousness. It has lost awareness of its connection with its spiritual nature, and thusly, the Universal Spirit and Universal consciousness.

“I understand. But why is it so hard for people to see and change?”

Seeing is one thing. Changing is another. In so becoming “cut off” from the Universal Spirit, the source of creation, humanity has become “blind” in a sense.
No longer aware that we are ALL ONE, people act as the negative polarity – they look to take and get, rather than give (as is the way of the positive polarity). It’s ‘look out for number one’ rather than a ‘Love thy neighbor’ approach to their brothers and sisters. This negative, selfish way of being, creates more negativity, pain, and
suffering for all, including the separate self.

“What went so wrong, exactly how did this all happen?”

Since all the matter, all ‘the stuff’ of the Universe, is in reality One ‘stuff’, nothing can truly be separate from the One Universe, but humans gradually became separate from the One as far as their awareness, their consciousness, was concerned. It’s as if mirrored walls surrounded each individual self. All each self primarily saw all the time was itself, and everything else it saw had to first be reflected in the mirror of the separate self. This gave birth to an illusion, a belief, that they were indeed separate, which gave birth to a new kind of total separate-self identity.
This is where human consciousness still is today.

The separate identity naturally has primary awareness of its self. After all, it lives in a room full of mirrors. Its focus is on itself. Its attention is on itself. It is thus, self-centered. Each self actually has the notion that it is the center of the Universe. Don’t you? People won’t admit it naturally, but isn’t everything you see, feel and think reflected off the mirror of your self – don’t you always relate everything that happens around you to how it affects you? It’s only natural unless you have Universal Consciousness.

Think for a moment what kind of problems there would be if the members of a football team, no longer had ‘team consciousness’ (‘group’ consciousness). No coordination, no guidance from a central source, not even any awareness of what the other players were going to do each play. And what if they weren’t even in harmony with their team in general,and would sometimes play for the opposing team? And then add selfishness into the factor – each player considered themselves the most important player in the world, wanted to be the star, wanted all the attention, with no real concern as to whether the entire team would win? Or what if the members of an orchestra, were unaware of what the other players were playing, and didn’t even care? Take these kinds of problems to a far greater level, to a team so large it encompasses everything in the Universe – that gives you just some idea of how bad having a lack of Universal Consciousness is.

On a smaller scale even, consider what would happen if just your arms and legs left the guidance, coordination and consciousness of the entirety of your body. Then they got their own identity, and developed selfish separate selves. You would have such things as one hand trying to put on a glove in a snowstorm, not caring what happened to the other hand. And the legs would be doing their own thing at the same time! What chaos! Again, just look around at the condition of the world to see the chaos here.


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