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Universal Consciousness

universal consciousness

Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is attained when a person has a lasting experience
in which they see through their illusion of separateness, and lose their separate self
consciousness. Their consciousness then ‘merges’ with the Universe – thus they
experience being One with the Universe. This is often the result of going through
a conscious psychological ‘death experience’, brought on by meditation and other
aspects of a spiritual path.

The illusion of separateness dissolves in the awareness of Oneness. And with the
dissolution of the illusion of separateness, the separate self ‘seems’ to die, and a
‘rebirth’ occurs. Separate self consciousness is transcended and transformed. The
dominant consciousness becomes that of the Inner Self, the part of us that is the
Universal Spirit – thus, we have ‘Universal Consciousness’. When experienced
properly, a person is never the same, and never ‘sees things’ the same way again.
From then on, all things are understood in the light of the ‘biggest picture’, in the
light of being One with the Universal Spirit (God). Selfishness thus becomes a thing
of the past. This is also called achieving ‘enlightenment’, and a few other names.

The difference between having separate self consciousness, or having
Universal Consciousness, is, as I said before, like night and day. Consider again,
an environmentalist who has expanded his/her separate self consciousness to
include concern for ecology. This is good. And if being aware of the flow and balance
of Earth’s nature is good, imagine the significance of being really aware of the
flow and balance, of all things – of the entire Universe? And if being concerned
about all humans on Earth is good, what about being devoted to caring for all life
within the entire Universe? A person who has attained Universal Consciousness,
has transcended separate self consciousness, and thus sees infinitely more, understands
infinitely more. Imagine being able to ‘see’ the outcome of many of your
actions in advance – or whether or not you ‘see’ the outcome, being able to know
if what you are doing is really going to ultimately help, or ultimately harm.

What if you really had an awareness of being One with everything – even God, even all other separate selves? How would you see things then? And how would you treat everyone and everything? If you
absolutely KNOW that every person you are dealing with, is you, just in a different
form, how will you treat yourself (others)? Is there any point in stealing from yourself?
Hurting yourself? Is there any point in being tyrannical with yourself?
A being with Universal Consciousness Loves everyone unselfishly,
and is (within the needs of Universal flow) giving, kind, compassionate, caring,
knowing, and harmless (that doesn’t mean incapable of defending the innocent).
Why? Is it because the person has read something that made them that way?
Studied to be that way? Trained to be that way? No. Maybe such things were stepping
stones on the path towards attainment of that consciousness, but once there,
the fact is that being any other way simply makes no sense to someone with
Universal Consciousness. It just is their reality – it is just natural.
It is similar with people at any level of consciousness. A basically decent person
is not just trying to be basically decent, moral, or law-abiding. It comes somewhat
naturally depending on what they have made of themselves throughout their
lifetimes. And they can and will digress towards greater selfishness given the right
situation. Everyone just manifests the level of their consciousness – and for most, it
moves in a certain range, wavering between selfishness, and unselfishness to varying
degrees, and shifts at different times in their lives, and depending on the circumstances
they are subjected to.

It is as natural for a person with Universal Consciousness to be totally giving,
as it is for a person with separate self consciousness to be selfish. A person with
separate self consciousness is focused inward, and thus they are like an ‘energy vacuum’,
a black hole, always trying to get energy. But a person with Universal
Consciousness is focused outward, and thus they are like an energy beacon, a Sun,
always giving energy.

“So piercing this illusion of separation, and attaining Universal Consciousness,
is the answer to the entire world’s problems.”

If everyone had Universal Consciousness, there would be no need for the kind
of governments we have now, for all would be governed as One from within them –
selves. Just imagine a world in which everyone is conscientious, caring, and
responsible. And where such behavior is not coerced by threat of prison or death,
or even convincing of any kind. No need for religions to try and influence people
to behave morally. No need for police, armies, government, etc., because Unselfish
Love and service to Universal Will is all fixed within every being – what paradise!
We may never achieve this on Earth, then again, we may. But there are planes of
existence other than the physical plane on Earth, into which only Universally
Conscious beings can enter. Paradise does already exist.

Guidance from Above

It just happens when your separate self gives up it’s illusion – surrenders its
artificially, self-created life. And there are degrees of this. The closer you get to
attaining Universal Consciousness, the greater your point of view will become, and
the more you will intuitively ‘see’ the whole picture, or whole situation. The attainment
of Universal Consciousness is quite dramatic though, and you can’t help but
to see all these things, and be aware of them. But while a person who has attained
Universal Consciousness may see the ‘whole picture’ to the greatest extent possible
on Earth, even they don’t see it all while still embodied. A completely all-encompassing
point of view is not really possible while functioning in a physical body. We
can achieve this in deep meditation, but when we again return to full physical plane
function, we can only grasp the essence of what we understood in our ‘ultimate
point of view’ state. That is why the Children teach that ‘getting out of our own
way’, and allowing ourselves to be an instrument of the Universal Spirit (God), is the
greatest wisdom. This too, is achieved simultaneously with Universal Consciousness
– it comes with the package.

When we have thus become an instrument of the Universal Spirit, we are then
always ‘watched over’ by our ascended, hierarchical kin, and guided when necessary.
This is not actually ‘mediumship’ or channeling. It is still having only our own
Inner Being in charge of, or in possession of, our body and consciousness.