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Witch Burner Syndrome

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Witch Burner Syndrome

It is only right to judge others’ paths, in order to determine
your own path. And I’m sure you understand that condemning others is wrong. But even if you have mastered that, and you have a deep, true feeling of “Live and let live”, you will not be seen that way if you are on the path of Unselfish Love. Others will judge and condemn your “strange” manner as being immoral, blasphemous, evil, a scourge on society, or whatever. Some may set out to hurt you, in minor ways, or major ways. Even if they don’t look at you this way in the present, seeds of condemnation can grow in a very clever, twisted sort of way.
“When you try to hold to the truth you’ve found, just living your own beliefs quietly to yourself, even though you aren’t hurting anyone, condemning others, or telling others how they should be, people will often still feel like you are condemning them. It is the natural reaction of their separate self. They may also twist things around, and start thinking that you think that you are “better than they are”.
Even if you are not condemning them, people may still become hostile as if you were, simply because you are living by your own truth that you have found.
Because when you live truth you shine it, and truth is a threat to their separate selves. So their self will often create an illusion, a ‘smoke screen’ of feeling that you are judging and condemning them, when it is actually they who are condemning you. They do this at first as a defensive reaction, but later it can be used as a weapon.

“The I Ching tells us that in times of darkness, the superior man hides his light, yet still shines. A neophyte (novice) doesn’t really know when it is proper to hide his light, and when he should let it shine unrestricted. Thus a monastic environment offers protection until the neophyte is fully developed.”

Don’t Bring Me Down

One way or another, you will be a target for the negativity of others, including ‘friends’ who don’t see things the same way as you. Then there are those ‘friends’ that may see things the way you do, but they are not willing to change. In either case, they will be negative towards you to some degree or another. They will bring pressure to bear. And unless you have transcended your separate self, their negativity will affect you. Unless you do something to stop it, it can fan the flames of negativity in you, and spread back to them. Have you not seen arguments, which start when one person is negative and the other is not (at first). Hostility is infectious. Getting infected with hostility lowers the consciousness.

This is like the tuning fork effect. Just as Inner Being responds to Inner Being, the separate self responds at the same level of negative vibrations from another separate self, and if you have not transcended your own separate self, so as to be able to feel that in yourself without losing your balance, your inner composure, then you end up being ‘mad’ or upset yourself; then you start sending out more negativity, physically, verbally, or psychically (or all three). And it builds. And it grows.

That same principle works in subtle ways, too. Being around lower consciousness people holds your consciousness down unless you have become a light.




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