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Yeshu (Jesus) Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature

Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature

“The transcript of the teaching given when the eternal One [Jesus] taught in the great preaching place of purity and clarity, addressing all who had escaped from the realm of desire. To his left and right and all around him, people sat listening with deep reverence. They wanted to hear the words that would save them. . . .

Simon spoke up and said: “We didn’t know the truth – and we need salvation.”


The Messiah replied: “So, good. Everything that exists needs the true law, and every kind of person can find what is just below the surface – buried deeper than our eyes. The truth is like looking at the white of the moon in water. If the water is cloudy, you can’t see it clearly. Its like burning straw in a fire – if the straw is wet, the fire can’t burn brightly. Spiritual life can be hidden and dampened like this. So, Simon, if anyone wants to follow the Way of Triumph they must clear their minds, and set aside all wanting and doing.


To be pure and still means to be open to purity and stillness – as a result you can intuit the truth. This means that the light can shine revealing the workings of cause and effect and leading to the place of peace and happiness. Simon, know this. I carry myself in strangeness in words that can reach out north, south, east, and west.


And if I am everywhere in the world, then I don’t know how I am –  if I am truly in my words, then I don’t know what I signify. If a person has a made-up name, no one really knows who he is.


Trying to know and to see are irrelevant. Why is this? People struggle trying to figure it all out. This struggle creates the desire to do something. Doing creates movement which results in anxiety: Then it is impossible to find rest and contentment. This is why I teach no wanting and doing without doing, it stops you thinking about things which disturb you. Then you can enter into the Source of Pure Empty Being.


Detach yourself from what disturbs and distracts you, and be as pure as one who breathes in purity and emptiness. This state is the Gateway to Enlightenment – it is the Way to peace and happiness.”


“Simon, know this. I can be found throughout heaven and earth. I am the Way to the Spirit, I can be seen among the people.


I can embody forms beyond knowledge –  I protect everyone regardless of who they may be. I have come to help those who have gone wrong. This has never been seen before – the pure effortless emptiness has never been known. Why is this? Those who act piously soon achieve a name but fame makes people behave differently. They become driven by worldly ambitions. This makes them inflated and defined bu what they do. People like this can never achieve peace and happiness.


The All Knowing essence speaks through me, and what it says is:


Those who don’t act piously and don’t seek a name trust in their own heart’s guidance. They can go beyond wanting, and trust in direct spiritual communication. Understanding what is true, they know this is the Way to peace and happiness.

Simon, you should know this. I see the Law. I see the reality without the distraction of form. I hear the Law. I am not distracted by sounds. I smell the Law, and I know how to ignore smell. I taste the Law – and I am not distracted by flavors. I embody the Law, and I can sense it in my body. My heart is the Law, so I can feel it all.  These six principle lead to the highest awakening: through the light of this teachings everyone can be saved.


This teaching has existed in heaven from the beginning, and it brings great blessing as well as good fortune. It brings fortune for everyone as great as the sheerest mountain, and there is nothing to compare it. So gather all you good people together, pray and sing! The light will come and enlighten you. You will discover the All-embracing knowing, the mystery which will lead you to peace and happiness.  And it is this that will enable you to transcend rebirth: Simon, know this. It is a place of incredible blessing beyond all conceivable imagining. And it is for everyone.


I study this myself – and yet there is no way to prove it. Why is it like this? Because it cannot be proved. How can you define what is beyond definition? This is why I say: No Wanting, No Doing, No Piousness, No Truth. These are the four essential Laws. They cannot teach you in themselves. But follow them and you will be free from trying to sort out what to believe. Feel compassion, and be compassionate over and again without trying to show it off to anyone. Everyone will be freed this way – and this is called the Way to Peace and Happiness”


And then everyone got to their feet, bowed and then sang:


“All praise to the Limitless One Great is the Supreme Highest One – you teach us the triumphant Law as it is and its depth and mystery, beyond imagining.” And though I don’t pretend to understand I will go on studying until the end. . . .



“Master, you said that no wanting, no doing, no piousness, and no truth are the Four Laws which a re called the Way to Peace and Happiness. But if there is no existence, how can there be happiness?

And the Honored One replied: “That is a wonderful question.


Now listen carefully while I say this again: Peace and Happiness like this can only exist where nothing else exists.

Think of your question,  and imagine for a moment

A distant bare mountain ringed with forests and glades

Plenty of places of shelter and rest –

Animals of all kinds are naturally d rawn to it.

Or imagine a great ocean which is vast and fathomless:

You don’t have to worry how its creatures survive.

They gravitate there, and find all they need.


And you, what do you do? You gravitate

Naturally to these teachings, and through them

You will come to live in Peace and Happiness.

Animals practice true faith and live by these laws

So they are already there, in that realm,

And so you will come to be in a place

Where nothing else exists or is needed.”

And everyone said “Yes!” to this, and “Amen!”

Then he spoke to the assembled crowd and said:

“This Sutra is profound and unimaginable

All the gods and gurus agree on this, and acknowledge

This Way that is the essence of connection and return.

To move you need light to see by – this teaching provides it

Just as the sun slants out, so you can see what is in front of you

This Sutra offers understanding, and by its light

You can now the Way of Peace and Happiness in your heart.


All the holy ones know that this teaching

Is at the root of all that is true.


If anyone wants to share these teachings with friends or family

Of course they can. Honor them, sing and pray together-

And this will bless you and your family into the next generation.

Every generation is united in this communion-

From goodness in past lives, people come to this religion

And through the faith they have they find Happiness.


It’s like the spring rain which refreshes Everything-

If you have roots, you will flourish in its coming

But if you have none, it is impossible to rise.

Simon, know this: You ask me about the Triumphant Law.

What your ancestors have done bears fruit in you,

Their karma finds its outcome in you.”

Everyone stood in quiet respect. Then they praised the Eternal One again:

“What mercy, what amazing compassion

There is no one higher than You, Great One:

Be present in Your Love and protect us, guide us!

You have watched over us for generations

Saving our fathers and forefathers, and daily

Bringing people to share in peace and Happiness.

But some of us are lost and need to be led back…”

And the Messiah said: “What you say is true-

It is like a precious mountain. Its translucent jade forests

And fragrant pearl fruits are food for those who thirst for healing.


I will tell you a story. There was a sick man

Who heard people talk about this precious mountain.

Day and night he longed to reach it – the thought never left him.

But the mountain was high and miles away and he was very crippled.

He longed to realize his dream, but he couldn’t.

But he had a close relative who was wise and resourceful.

And this man had scaling ladders brought and steps cut

And with some friends he levered and pushed the sick man up

Until he reached the summit. And there, he was healed.’


‘Simon, know this: people coming to this mountain

Were confused and unhappy because of their worldly desires.

They had heard the truth. They knew it could lead them to the Way.

So they tried to scale this mountain, but in vain –

Love and faith had all but died in them.’


‘Then the Compassionate Knowing One came like the close relative

And taught them with skill and sincerity so they knew

That He is the scaling ladder and the steps cut in stone

Where they can find the true Way, freed of their weight forever.”


“There are ten laws for observing the world and they are all useful. What are they? The first way of observing the world is to notice how people grow old and sick. No one escapes this. Its like being a traveller he will stay wherever he can lie down for a night. He doesn’t care too much whether the bed and food are the best. And so it is between us and our bodies. Once we go we leave all this behind no one here gets out alive.


The second way of observing the world is to see that the family we love we will also have to leave, just as the leaves of a tree fall in autumn. Nothing can stop this, and no leaf survives. The wind takes them all in its swirling breath.


The third way of observing the world is this: Some are great and powerful – for others, life is brief and glorious! And with both, nothing lasts forever. Its like the magical light of the moon shining everywhere. All it takes is a cloud to drift across it. All the light is dimmed or eclipsed altogether.


The fourth way of observing the world is this:  Some are bullish, provoking everyone they meet, while others exploit others who are weaker than they are. Ands in the end both can be killed in an instant; they are like moths drawn to a  flame they fly strait at it thinking this is it and then they suffer.


The fifth way of observing the world is this: There are misers who do nothing but accumulate wealth. They wear themselves out with no end of pain and they can’t take any of it with them. They are like little clay bottles filled with sea water; how can you hope to catch the vastness of the sea in something so tiny?


The sixth way is this: The sex obsessed, fantasizing about having it all the time. Even though they’re  left frustrated and depressed. They are like a tree invaded by termites being eaten away until the wood is so rotten it collapses, threatening anyone in sight.


The seventh way is to drink and party, sleeping around in such a mix-up state that you don’t know what is real, and what is dream. You are like a pool of water that has been churned up: Once it has become so unclear it is impossible to see anything else in it.


The eighth way  is this: People see life as a drama as a game in which they are here to entertain  themselves. This wastes the body and depletes the spirit. It is like an idiot climbing a stem to see a sunflower or fighting to bend down a branch exhausting himself for no purpose.


The ninth way is this: To wander from religion to religion seeking enlightenment, but ending up confused. It is like someone who makes plaster castes of cattle; no matter how life-like they seem take them out to the feilds, and they can’t do anything!


And the tenth way is this: There are some who beleive they know it, and who appear to everyone as if they do. But in reality they don’t share anything and the truth dies with them. They are like oysters with pearls growing in them – the pearl is no use to the oyster, and the oyster is no use until it is caught and prized upon.


Think about these ten ways and hold them in your mind, your feeligns and your body. This is one way of really understanding the triumphant law.”


“Now, what are the Four Essential Laws of the Dharma?


The first is no wanting. If your heart is obsessed with something, it manifests in all kinds of distorted ways. Distorted thoughts are the root of   negative behavior. It’s like a plant: if the roots, however deep, are damaged then this will come out on its leaves and how it grows. And so it   is with people – if there is wanting it will come out in your body and  everything you do. And all the body’s openings will become clouded, losing   their energy and brightness. This is the Law of No Desire.   – Yeshu (Jesus), Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature, Ch. 5


The second is no doing. Don’t put on a mask and pretend to be what you’re   not. Be your most natural, and don’t run after fantasies and illusions! It’s as if you are in a boat on the broad ocean – the wind drives you this way   and that, you have no control, and all the time you’re scared of drowning so   there’s no rest. In fact there’s no peace at all! This is just like people – that which appears on the outside is not the truth. The effort needed to hold a direction is abandoned – and there is simply action and reaction. So walk   the Way of No Action.  – Yeshu (Jesus), Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature, Ch. 5


The third is piousness. And what that means is not wanting to have your   good deeds broadcast to the nation. Do what’s right to bring people to the   truth but not for your own reputation’s sake. It is like the great Earth   herself giving food to each according to their needs: the blessings that are given are countless. So anyone who teaches the Triumphant Law practicing the Way of Light to bring life to the truth will know Peace and Happiness in company. But don’t talk it away – this is the Way of No Virtue.  – Yeshu (Jesus), Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature, Ch. 5


The fourth is no truth. Don’t try to control everything. Don’t take sides in arguments about right and wrong. Treat everyone equally, and live from day   to day. It’s like a clear mirror which reflects everything anyway – green or yellow or in any combination – it shows everything as well as the smallest   of details. What does the mirror do? It reflects without judgment. And you  – you should do likewise. Then true Peace and Happiness will flow from your   heart, and others will join you in the quest for the True Way while you will not claim credit for being virtuous. This is No Truth.”



“The Messiah continued : “If someone joins an army

He needs armor to protect himself. And it must be strong enough

To help him defend himself and survive being attacked.

The Luminous Religion and its Laws are the best armor!

All of life can be protected by them.


if someone wants to sail across the great ocean

He needs a well-made boat to carry him through the storms.

And yet no matter how good the vessel is

here’s no guarantee of getting to the other side.

But the Way of Light and its laws

Can carry all of us across the ocean of life and death

To reach the shores of the Land of Peace and Happiness.


If someone is dying in a horrible plague

And they smell the balm of mysterious power

They can be revived. Its scent restores their qi.

And well, the laws of this Light are the best balm there is

Because they guide us through the pain and hardships of life

And by facing them you come back to the true knowing.


All of you should chant this day and night

Because it brings back clear seeing, and each of you will return

To your own original nature, your ultimately true beingness

Free from all falsehood and illusion. And you will see These teachings are inexhaustible.


“. . . . Anyone, even if he has only a little love can walk the Bright Path, and he will suffer no harm. This is the way that leads to Peace and Happiness – and he can come to this even from the darkest of darks. If you really follow   the Sutras, imagine how easy this could be!   Now go and make friends of this teaching from everyone – it’s like a royal   person defending against assault or like a beacon lit on a hillside –  everyone can see it, and the princely One is like this. He’s like a high mountain the Sutras shine out of, like a great burning fire: If you follow the  teaching, you will be a light to the world.” .”

Then the crowd sang praises, wanting more. But the Messiah said:

It is enough now-even though we cannot stop the Word.

It is like a good well that never runs dry.

When you’ve been saved from your sickness in body and soul

There’s no need to go on drinking., So it is with my teaching

Which is only the beggining of you touching your own

True original nature. Too much would not be right.”


The crowd all agreed thanked him warmly, and began to disperse.


This is the end of the Sutra of the Pure Land of Peace and Happiness, and of Returning to Our True Original Nature.”


– Yeshu (Jesus), Sutra of Returning to your Original Nature

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